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Pasor Oyakhilome debunks marriage breakup tale

‘There is no iota of truth in it’

Contrary to widespread reports that the union between 52 year old shepherd in charge of Christ Embassy International, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his delectable wife, Anita has crashed, the Edo born clergy has debunked it, labelling it the work of mischief makers. The jerry curl preacher in an exclusive chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly through one of his officials, Kenneth Achumasara, on Sunday, June 1, 2014, around 4pm stated there is no iota of truth in the speculations.

“There is no iota of truth in the story. Rev. Anita is handling our UK agency and she is still ministering till date. I can tell you authoritatively that there is no issue between Pastor Chris and his wife, Anita.’

Another official who pleaded anonymity also corroborated Achumasara’s statement saying the report is baseless and unfounded.

“If you go to the UK now you will see her along with the kids. She is still with him and there is no issue between them. I have been with him for 22 years and the Pastor Chris I know cannot even utter such words as reported. He will never address such a gathering. She will soon be in Nigeria for a programme and I will definitely invite you to have access to her.”

There are indications that Christ Embassy founder, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his wife, Rev. Anita Oyakhilome may have parted as husband and wife. According to reports, the marriage breakup bug may have bitten the couple whose marriage was enviable before the alleged crisis that allegedly tore them apart. Here is the report from the United Kingdom.

Arguably, one of the most famous couple-pastors in Nigeria is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his wife, Rev. Anita Oyakhilome of Love World Assembly, aka Christ Embassy Church. However, with the latest information emanating from the United Kingdom, where the Oyakhilome’s reside, the couple may have divorced or separated secretly. According to a report published in the UK on Wednesday, May 28, 2014, most of the members of Christ Embassy Church in the UK are beginning to show concern on why the couple have not been seen together both in the church and outside the church lately.

In an attempt to find answers to their worries, some members of the church have allegedly opened a Facebook page which they call Where is Rev. Anita Oyakhilome? The page administrators who are based in the United Kingdom and are strong members of the church, stated on the page that they are very worried about the absence of Rev. Anita Oyakhilome in the life of Pastor Chris. While demanding to know her whereabouts, the members stated on the Facebook page that they are wondering what has become of the clergywoman. According to comments on the Facebook page, Rev. Anita hasn’t been seen in Christ Embassy Church where she pastors since November, 2013, and there were no explanations as to her sudden disappearance and the church has been left without a pastor since then.

In one of the posts on the page, the members want to know the real truth about her mental state as there are speculations she may not be really sound upstairs, while they are also wondering if their senior pastor had divorced the wife without the members knowing.

In another post, the group reported the summary of an earlier speech made by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, where he admonished his members not to question anything they see or air their opinion on any matter in the church. He pointed out in the speech, that any church where the members air their views never grows.

Below is the summary of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s speech on Friday, May 16, 2014, in a meeting with all UK pastors and deacons at Christ Embassy, Bermondsey:

“I am here for your concerns about the ongoing domestic issue with my wife and I know it affects you directly, being the ones under her leadership. This is not an organisation or a political party, so it’s not a place for you to air your opinion or scrutinise what we do.

We had a vision, started and you joined us. If you don’t like what we do, you can get out. Churches where members air their views never grow. Some pastors’ wives think when they marry a pastor they are equal to the pastor.

My wife thinks so, as a matter of fact, Rev. Tom was her pastor before I married her and Rev. Ray and Evang. Owase were her leaders long before I married her. How come she thinks she’s senior to them now? I already started Christ Embassy before I married her.

I didn’t marry her and said we should start Christ Embassy. I was already pastoring. I already set my sail and knew my direction before I married her. I only said come and help me. Be careful of the friends you keep.

My wife keeps friends who bring out the worst in her and help her see the worst in people instead of keeping friends that will help her vision, especially as the wife of a global pastor like me.

Bitterness is prolonged and it accumulates anger. My wife is always angry and bitter. Allegations are either false or twisted information. The current situation is not as a result of what I did or what I didn’t do.

I didn’t do anything to have caused an upheaval. You don’t join a woman to fight her husband. I’m not teaching you what is wrong, at least I have two girls who will one day marry and I want to them to enjoy it.

Going by the above information on hand the Oyakhilomes may have joined the train of pastors with failed marriage. It would be recalled that in 2012, one of Nigeria’s new generation pastors, Chris Okotie separated from his wife, Stephanie in what was tagged a messy separation which was highly chriticised.

Christian Oyakhilome (known popularly as Pastor Chris)  born in December 7,1961, is a Nigerian minister who is the founding president of Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated also known as Christ Embassy, a bible-based Christian ministry headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

His ministry runs several arms including the Healing School, Rhapsody of Realities (a daily devotional with global reach), and an NGO called the Innercity Missions as well as three Christian television channels: LoveWorld TV, LoveWorld SAT and LoveWorld Plus. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s television programs feature his faith healings, miracles and large meetings which his ministry organizes around the world, with gatherings over 2.5 million people in a single night event. He is one of the most influential preachers in Africa and as a result has been the target of the Nigerian government’s scrutiny for his meetings and miracles. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has also been a target of criticism by the Treatment Action Campaign for his support of faith healing to cure HIV.

Pastor Chris started preaching from his youth, holding large miracle meetings during his secondary and tertiary school days. His grandfather was also a minister.

Pastor Chris’ ministry has expanded rapidly beyond coasts of Nigeria and South Africa, and he now holds large meetings in the United States and has healing school sessions in Canada, and United Kingdom.

Pastor Chris has a strong following, especially among youths and is notable for organizing the Night of Bliss, South Africa at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, and Higher Life Conferences in Canada, United States of America, and the United Kingdom.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome runs a global prayer network using social network platforms to send messages to Christians around the world regularly. His account is @PastorChrisLive on these platforms, he currently has over 1.2 million followers on Twitter, as well as his own social networking website called Yookos. He is married to Anita and the union is blessed with two daughters.


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