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Pastor 2016 predictions of bliss, misery and sorrow: Brother Joshua Iginla

– Nigeria will rise again and the future will be restored, her image and dignity shall be restored. In my vision, I saw a group of young men wearing boots preparing and when I asked God, He said, it’s the next generation that are coming to take over 2024.


– Many politicians will go to jail in 2016, due to the anti corruption campaign by the President. The anti corruption campaign will gain more grounds and a lot of money recovered and a lot of mysteries unveiled.


– The Senate president should pray because there will be an attempt on his life.  I see a strong plot to remove him and a strong plot to poison him.


– I see a commercial bank having a major problem that will affect its capacity and output. The policy of the regulatory body will be too much for her and it will fold up.


– I see the issue of Ebola resurfacing in some other African countries. We should pray.


– I see the CBN governor facing a hard time and I see him being removed.

I see a former minister who held a sensitive position struggling for survival. We should pray for her because her candle light is almost off. It will take a miracle for her to survive.  While she is battling corruption, I see the owner of her life knocking the door of her soul.


– The Inspector General of Police should pray because I see a plot to discredit him. I see his seat shaking and might not go down well.


–  I see a governor of Akwa Ibom.  His seat will shake but I see him still maintaining it.


– In Bayelsa, the incumbent governor should pray well to retain his seat because what I see is a mystery beyond explanation.

The Lord said I should warn the powers that be to be sensitive over the issue of Bayelsa because I see blood and restlessness. The person on the seat should pray because I see three legs of a stool and two were taken away.  Can you sit properly when two out of three legs are taken away?


– In Rivers State, I see strong contest with inconclusive result. I see violence and tension.  I see property burnt, protest and name calling but the person on the seat shall retain it.


– In Edo, I see the ruling party still retaining power.  I see a strong contest but the ruling party will swallow the opponent.


– There will be a strong shake up in the cabinet in 2016. One of the ministers will lose his seat as a result of displeasure of the President.


– I see same sex marriage entering into one of the African countries and it will become very strong.


– In 2016, the economy of the country will be very tasking and quite challenging.  If care is not taken, it will navigate into serious recession.  I see strong hardship in terms of the economy.


– I see fuel price rising and the masses helpless over it.  Attempt will be made to curb the price but it will not work.


– I see series of protests, strikes which will affect the economy.


– The Biafra agitation will become very strong if government don’t handle it with wisdom. It will give the government of the day a bad name before the international comity and observers. It might be stronger than the issue of Boko Haram. Wisdom is needed.  That’s what the Lord says else, it can bring the government of the day to her kneels. I see a strong agitation and people sponsoring it from all angles.


– I see a sitting governor whose seat becomes vacant for the deputy to take over. I don’t understand if it’s as a result of death, impeachment or court order.


On the international scene

–  In Russia, I see them under pressure as a result of the policies and attacks currently going on. And it will affect their economy strongly. I see them trying to make peace with the country they are not willing to make peace with in order to free themselves from pressure. I see a big bird flying out of Russia defecating where it ought not to and it caused a lot of confusion.  It’s like a plane throwing bombs. I see Russia going to war with another nation and they have to pray to avert it.


– In USA, I see an adjustment in the elections time table and this will lead to accusations of the government of the day. After Obama’s tenure, it will be 2044 before another black man can ascend the Presidency. I see terrorist attack. I see sporadic shooting and ISIS claiming responsibility. This will happen just like it did in France. I see three people who are at the centre of this and I see them being captured while two will be killed.  But lives will be lost.  I see a popular celebrity that will pass on America. This person’s name has to do with O and W. I see an important personality committing suicide as a result of frustration. The elections in America in 2016 will be tough.  I see the Democrats holding ground stronger and stronger.


– In Ghana, I see a robust economy and the democrats will be holding on to the seat in the elections. The ruling party will retain power. Ghana should pray against plane crash. It looks like helicopter.  I see a famous footballer packing his bag and saying goodbye. He is already having a kidney problem. He needs prayers between April till October. The President should watch and pray because there are more enemies than friends.


– In Puerto Rico, I see a major earthquake between April and September. I see a famous celebrity saying goodbye in June, a female. The ruling party will hold on to power in the elections.

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