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PASTOR Enoch Adejare Adeboye’s dream to build a three million-seater Cape City Auditorium which would stretch a whole of three square kilometers is fast becoming a reality.

Information available to ENCOMIUM Weekly revealed that work has began on the new project which is estimated to gulp about N20 billion.

According to our source, the land has already been allocated not too far from the present auditorium and cleared.  Although the identity of the construction company and the architect contracted is shrouded in secrecy, we learnt it’s one of the best in the world.  According to our source, work will begin in earnest in few weeks.

ENCOMIUM Weekly gathered that some faithful who pledged towards the project have redeemed their vows. Others, we learnt, promised to redeem theirs before the year runs out.

“There is no problem with the execution of the project.  Every God given idea is always backed with adequate provision.  Daddy G.O has perfected plans and it is on-going.”

71 year-old clergy, Pastor Adeboye, during the 61st Annual Convention of the ministry at Redemption Camp, which held from Monday, August 5 to Sunday, August 11, 2013, announced his plan to build the new auditorium stretching three kilometer in length and breadth.  The declaration was made on Friday, August 9, 2013, where he publicly appealed for donation for the project which would triple the existing one million-seater Holy Ghost Congress Arena of the church.

The Holy Ghost Arena stretches one kilometer in length and could accommodate a million worshippers.

Hundreds of prospective donors were divided into three groups.  Category A donors would pay N1 billion.  Category B brethren would play N100 million and Category C partners would pay N50 million and below.

On Friday, September 6, 2013, ENCOMIUM Weekly chatted with one of the ministry’s spokesperson, Pastor Kunmi, who simply said, “You now Daddy G.O would not want to disclose whether work has begun or not.  However, you will know when it’s completed.”




Work on this camp began in 1983.  The auditorium, dormitories and other structures were built for the annual convention of that year. The General Overseer moved in on October 1, 1985, and work on the camp has continued since then because of the cooperation of the elders, pastors, ministers, workers and the wonderful congregation of the church, as all of them have been faithfully committed to the expansion going on here.Before moving to the camp, there were a lot of problems getting such a place. A family offered land at Alakuko, but it was not conducive for what the G.O had in mind.



When the G.O finally settled down for this place, everyone agreed with him.  To begin with, the place was found to be accessible to members who would come from Abeokuta, Ibadan, Ilesa, Ilorin, Akure and other places.  Living there was initially out of place.  All that was planned was somewhere that would accommodate church members during conventions.

The place was a forest occupied mainly by reptiles and other dangerous animals. The Lagos-Ibadan expressway was under construction then and was very notorious because of the activities of armed robbers. The villagers did not give much problem.  Of course, both parties had the initial problem of tolerating each other, but the Lord gave the wisdom to commence evangelization immediately.

The wife of the General Overseer, Pastor Folu Adeboye led the team of evangelists round all the adjoining villages, dealing with them in love. The result was that almost all the villages now have a parish of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, and some of the villagers have even become pastors in the church. What is being experienced in the camp (City) now is the manifestation of a prophetic statement by the General Overseer himself when he was staying in a one-room apartment given to him by the late founder of the church as some of the elders were worried about the accommodation of the G.O. The issues of the G.O’s accommodation came up during a meeting and he told them that his Daddy (God Almighty) would give him a city.  The elders did not understand at that time as they were praying for a flat or a bungalow, or even a duplex at the very best, and he came up with a city. The rest is now history.




This department oversees all electrical installations in the city, working with the Power Holding Company of Nigeria. The department operates an independent power supply to critical locations within the city. During major services at the City, power supply becomes paramount and Electrical Department provides adequate power for the City.



The water department distributes water throughout the city. The department has a plant that processes sachet water and purified bottled table water for residents and beyond.



The huge space measuring about 3 klm by 3 klm hosts the annual congress, the premiere event every December. An estimated crowd of six million people converge on the arena during the peak celebration of the week-long event. You have to book early if you are considering attending the Holy Ghost Congress.



This department is charged with the responsibility of recording all events in the city where Pastor E. A Adeboye is ministering. This department provides translation of sermons into many African languages such as Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo and European languages such as Portuguese, French and others.

This department is headed by Prof. Ladi Osasona.



Block A (15 rooms): two storey building with three wings and five floor/suite

DESCRIPTION: Each floor has three rooms and a big sitting room with a double standard bed, fridge, air conditioner wardrobe and mirror, toilet and bath.

Block B (19 rooms):

Two Storey Building with balcony

DESCRIPTION: The ground floor has three guest rooms and a mini hall.

Second floor has eight (8) guest rooms each.

Each room has one reading table, two chairs, double bed with fridge and air conditioner, wardrobe and mirror bath and toilet with water heater. All rooms are floor tiled

International guest house Block C (24 rooms):

DESCRIPTION: Upstairs with sitting room down and 1 sitting room upstairs.

Ground floor has 12 rooms, eight standard rooms with double bed and four rooms with single bed, second floor is the same as the ground floor, each room has a reading table, fridge, air conditioner, bath and toilet with water heater.

Middle courtyard, passage and common room floor tiled while all rooms are rugged.

The front view of the Redemption Resort.  This fantastic facility is suitable for conference, banquet, lecture and hosting of event where you want an extraordinary serene atmosphere.

The Atrium/Dining Room.The Resort has three storey with atrium dining in the middle. It is absolutely gorgeous!!!

The resort comprises two types of suites, corner suite with two bedrooms and a living room, and chalet comprises a bedroom with spacious living room



The City presently hosts Redeemers University’s temporary campus, including three main colleges, student lodging, library, university cafe, internet facility (Wi-Fi), and the university administrative blocks.



The Redeemed Christian Bible College was founded in 1980 and moved to the Redemption City in 1983. Pastor Awobajo was the first principal. The General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God is the chairman, Board of Governors of the Bible College.

The goals of the college are as follows:

To cater for the spiritual manpower needs of the church.

Preparation of people for ministry through a rigorous set of norms and curricular.

To train ministers all over the world to cope with The Redeemed Christian Church of God’s global spread

To provide a conducive and formal atmosphere for the teaching of the basic tenets of faith by the undiluted word of God.



Redeemer’s High School is at the heart of the city adjacent to the university. The school operates separate dorms for boys and girls in an area suitable for recreation and physical activities.



Haggai Community Bank developed a sprawling estate adjacent to the Congress Arena.  A look will convince you of the aesthetic and serene atmosphere. The estate comprises – semi-detached duplexes, three and four bedroom apartments and also bungalows.



The following banks are presently in the city:

Access Bank, Haggai Community Bank, United Bank for Africa and New life Community Bank.



The Post Office is close to the main entrance of the Redemption City. This post office is functional.



The security post is at the entrance of the camp with security men there 24 hours daily. There is security all around the city at strategic places.



The Redeemer’s Clinic is on Holiness Road, almost to the end of the road, The clinic staffed with a qualified doctor and nurses. They attend to common health issues.



The camp accommodation has been divided into (3) for easy administration. They are as follows:

International Guest House: The international Guest house has three buildings labeled Block A, Block B, Block C. The descriptions for each.

Executive Chalets: The executive chalets are stylishly furnished and bungalow. It is a parlor and room with two beds in the room.

Chalets: The chalets are beautifully furnished and well spaced bungalow houses constructed with your comfort in mind.



CRM (Christ Redeemers Ministry) operates a well stocked supermarket at various locations within the city. You can find common provisions and other household items at the supermarket. CRM also operate a well stocked bookstore in the city.



CRM operates public market during major events at the City. You can rent a tent to display your goods and sell freely within the public market area. People can find all sorts of materials in this public market typical of African common markets.




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