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Pastor Chuddy Nwamelaku debuts with ‘Okemsinachi’

Chuddy Nwamelaku is the Resident pastor of Divine Increase Assembly, Victory Estate, Off Iyana School Bus Stop, LASU/Isheri Road, Iba, Lagos. The hunky preacher of the Word with a high resolution of dress sense is a graduate of Mass Communication from the Institute of Management Technology, Enugu State.

Chuddy Nwamelaku has veered into commercial music with his debut album entitled, Okemsinachi (my portion is from God). In this interview, the budding gospeller told ENCOMIUM Weekly what inspired him into gospel music when he started not leaving out the conceptualization of his debut album and more.


There is every cogent reason to believe this is your debut effort in commercial gospel music?

Professionally yes, but aside that I have been involved in gospel music since I was 10.

I’ve listened articulately to two Igbo tracks on the CD of Okemsinachi, do you have songs in other Nigerian languages?

I have a track in Yoruba. It’s a reggae tune and very melodious and interesting.

How many tracks do you have on Okemsinachi CD?

I have eight tracks on the CD, four in Igbo, three in English and one in Yoruba. I call this album Tinity, that is three in one. This is because of the Igbo, English and Yoruba combination which makes it three in one album.

Okemsinachi album is still very fresh and sizzling, what do you expect from the public going by the din of the market place?

I expect it would touch and bless many souls irrespective of language barriers. Music is universal. Don’t forget this album is a product of divine inspiration so, I expect it to break all barriers in blessing people.

You’re a pulpit pastor, is gospel music not going to distract your major calling?

Not at all, rather it will boost my calling. Those I can’t reach from the pulpit, I can reach through gospel music. You will agree with me that music is understood all over the world, it cuts across social status and what have you.

Did you ever think about the effort of the excruciating recession on the CD, Okemsinachi?

I don’t think Okemsinachi has anything to do with the recession. I think the CD will do well because it’s a timely effort. Remember the Bible says, “All things work together for good for those that love God (Romans 8:28)”. This album came when God wanted it, therefore, it will do well.

It’s believed in certain quarters that the economic woes of our country, Nigeria began with the importation of idols from nations around the world that God had cursed. These idols represented their nations during FESTAC ’77. Some of these idols are still here, what is your reaction?

All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. If we confess our sins and do away with idolatry in whatever form, the Almighty God is just and faithful in forgiveness of sin. God does not delight in people perishing.


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