Pastor J. A. Adelakun leads Baba Eto’s 3-day Lagos crusade

‘Why we’re praying for Lagos and Nigeria’ – Cardinal James Odunmbaku

All roads led to Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos, where the Christ Ambassadors Soul Winners International Ministries, led by James Omolaja Odunmbaku, popularly known as Baba Eto, held its ninth annual Pray for Lagos Crusade.

The 2013 event was held amidst fanfare, prayer and exhortation and was well graced by dignitaries from the nooks and crannies of Lagos, most especially members of All Progressives Congress (APC), Lagos chapter, who are trusting God for a peaceful coexistence and progress in the state.

The 3-day programme commenced with praise on Wednesday, November 13, 2013, featuring known gospel singers in Yoruba genre. Nothing less than 12 gospel song ministers were present during the marathon unrestricted praises that lasted almost nine hours.

Chief among the gospeller was the Pastor J. A. Adelakun, who dished out scintillating music that inspired worshippers. Baba Eto and church choir also participated in the song ministration which was so awesome.

As if what happened the previous day was the best that could be, Thursday, November 14, 2013, gave birth to another spiritual experience as people gathered for what was tagged Prayer Ministration.

It would have been thought to be a boring segment for thousands of people to gather for almost 10 hours  praying for Lagos but many critics were proved wrong as different ministers headed by Prophet James Odunbaku led prayer sessions.

Prayer was held for Nigeria as a nation, Lagos State – its governor, officials and residents, ACN controlled states, the government officials, the elected and appointed leaders of this country irrespective of political inclination.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with the initiator of the annual Pray for Lagos Crusade, Cardinal James Odunmbaku on the journey so far…

9 years down the lane, we want to know how the journey has been?

It is a journey that Christ ordained. I can’t say it is tedious, rather I will thank the Lord for His mercies.

What is the motive behind this yearly prayer?

Those who pray for the peace of Israel, will also have peace in their domain. So, I chose by divine call to pray for Lagos and the nation at large and I know since we started there has been peace even among Muslims, Christians and those who are not in line with Christian and Muslim yet they abide by the decree of God to live peacefully together that is what has happened.

Why do you think we need prayer in Nigeria?

You can see what is happening all over Nigeria and all over the world, where rancour, envy, killing people at random for the sake of religion but it is not, it has a lot of undertone. There is no religion that preaches you should kill your fellow human being or even go as far as killing school children, slaughter them like rams.

So, if we don’t take patience and watch what God actually has for mankind, then we would be missing much, that is why God has instructed me by divine call to pray for the peace of Lagos and Nigeria at large and we have been seeing the implication of prayer so much. Lagos has witnessed peace all over the 57 local governments of the state and by extension the south west to the north. When God is in vogue no one can stop it. That is what we are experiencing.

Since Lagos is not meant for Christians and muslims alone, what is the motive?

By His grace, I am the initiator of muslims and Christians in politics, coming together and living in harmony. The motive is to make sure both religions worship the same God and if you have the opportunity to go to Israel, you will see a church and there is a mosque beside it, so it’s not two gods, there is only one God. And it is going to start from Lagos State.

What is the best prayer that you think Lagos needs now?

Lagos needs to be so much peaceful, because the government of Lagos is working, Osun State is working. The people of Osun State are enjoying. If you go to Oyo State, after 35 years of existence we are witnessing flyovers, same thing for Ogun and Edo states.

Ekiti State is also working so much and by extension we would capture satan by the jugular and we can have enough dividends of democracy that is being preached now in Nigeria.

What are we to expect from this prayer?

To see God in action, people in action, those who have been infected with one illness or another will have instant healing because I believe in one God. When you listen to testimonies of people, you will be moved, people will witness their miracle, it is not a false miracle. It is instant miracle and it is going to happen whether the devil likes it or not and it is going to happen to you whether the devil likes it or not.

What is the difference between your church and celestial?

This place is not a church, it is a ministry, preaching the word of God. This is a ministry.



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