Pastors disagree with sack of Lagos chaplain

The last has not been heard about the controversy surrounding the dismissal of Venerable Femi Taiwo of Chapel of Christ the Light, Alausa (Ikeja, Lagos). sampled the opinions of pastors about his sack…



Pastor Isaiah

I believe there is more to his sack in the real sense of it. The first lady should be on queue, she should be there with a church mind, forgive the chaplain of any wrong. What has happened doesn’t call for his removal, he could have been called privately, corrected or issued a warning letter. Unless there is a part of the constitution that says he should be removed for such action. There may be an unresolved issues between him and the first lady. If there is nothing more than that, he shouldn’t have been sacked. As a matured person, the first lady shouldn’t have shown her annoyance in the first place.


Pastor John

I think the chaplain should be reprimanded but not sacked. The Bible says give honour to whom honour is due. It is a matter of wisdom.


Pastor Shina

There are two ways to it. If we look at it as human beings, it is right. It was the church board that appointed him and sacked him for whatever reasons. But biblically it is wrong. He might have been led by the spirit and nobody can predict how the spirit would direct a service. God is not respectal of persons. If we apply biblical instances to it, I will say it is a wrong step.


Pastor Oke

There are two ways to it: the employer has a right to sack and reward his workers; but biblically nobody can sack a man of God. That office was ordained by God. They could have punished him in another way instead of sacking him. I think the government took it too far. After all, the governor was put there by God, forget the voting and other process. I think they took it too far.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for

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