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Pastors maintain recession will be over soon

– Bishop Tom Samson  and  Prophet Ade Okeowo paint a picture of hope

As many Nigerians are still in the state of despair concerning the country’s economy which has been comatose for quite long as a result of the ongoing recession, Bishop Tom Samson of Christ Royal Embassy and Prophet Ade Okeowo of Word of Liberty International have joined the few Nigerians who are still optimistic that recession will soon be a thing of the past, and prices of goods and services that are now skyrocketing will also come down.
Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly a couple of days back on the situation, Bishop Samson maintained that recession is a stranger in Nigeria’s economy and will soon find its way out and every Nigerian will rejoice. Although, the eloquent clergy admitted the hard biting economy has adversely affected everything in the country, including his establishments, he still hoped all will be well soon.
“Now, we have schools. And there are parents that have been paying their children’s school fees as at when due. But now, they can’t afford the fees again, and we won’t send their children away. There are some people that cannot even come to church because their salaries are not paid. Even, we that are still paying salary is a grace of God. For example, in our schools, we have to pay salary with the children’s school fees. But now, children are not paying because their parents are not paid where they’re working. Even, those working with governments are not paid. For example, some states can’t pay their workers’ salary.
“Having said that, however, recession is also affecting us. Look at the commodities in our various markets, their prices have gone up, including gari, rice, beans, tomato and all that. But we’re praying and I strongly believe recession will soon be over.”
Also corroborating the earlier submission, Prophet Okeowo who had prophesied earlier this year has also reiterated that recession will surely become history in Nigeria and many Nigerians will rise to glorify God at the end of it all.
The young and vibrant seer said this recently during the first anniversary of his fast growing church held in Ketu, Lagos.
“I am very optimistic that my God is not a God of disappointment. I believe strongly that Nigeria will soon come out of recession. All we need is prayer, both Christians and Muslims. Remember I said it in my 2017 prophecies that dollar would begin to crash and it won’t stop until it gets to N200 or even N150 as revealed by God. We are living witnesses, we can all see what’s happening in the Forex market now. Also, I told Nigerians that there won’t be any hiding place for kidnappers this year as most notorious kidnappers will be arrested and their dens discovered. God also revealed to me that a bag of rice in Nigeria will later be bought for not more than N6,000. I have also foretold death of politicians and much more. All of these have come to pass.
“So, Nigerians should repose their confidence in God. He will surely attend to our challenges. People should continue to pray for President Muhamnadu Buhari. He’s one of the people that God has appointed to change the situation of Nigeria for the better. And all these positive changes will begin in his administration. I still maintain my words, recession will soon be over and many commodities that are not affordable by the poor will soon become cheaper by the grace of God.”


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