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‘She’s a fraud’
Biblical end time signs will continue to encore. One of such cases was that of a Sierra-Leonean woman, simply addressed as Sister Linda Ngaujah who claimed she was shown all the happenings in heaven (paradise) and hell. Not only that, she said God revealed to her that many of the members of a large Pentecostal church on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway are on their way to hell, and that the founder of a leading church in Lagos should also report as he allegedly acquired his powers from the devil.
She also said a bishop of another large congregation and his members are not even recognized in heaven. All these and much more are contained in a controversial video CD allegedly released by the Sierra-Leonean prophetess, which is still in circulation.
In the video CD, Linda also added that women who use rubber and wool to plait their hair go to hell as it is a sin, and that the only way for people to be prepared for paradise is to go back to the old Deeper Christian Life Bible Church’s method of dressing.
Since the release of the video CD’s, there has been apprehension among Christian women, especially in Deeper Life Church. Those using rubber to plait their hair, we learnt, were said to have vowed never to do so again as they are also keen about going to heaven. “Some have even started shaving their hair in line with Linda’s recommendation,” a source said.
The controversial revelation has been generating reactions within and outside Christendom as many have faulted the Sierra-Leonean preacher, labelling her agent of the devil.
However, General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi has reportedly condemned Linda’s claim and other related forecasts, warning his followers against being deceived by end time signs.
He was also reported to have emphasized that dressing like Deeper Life followers would not take anybody to heaven but that righteousness and holiness of heart are the key to getting to the kingdom of God. And warned church members to desist from watching such video CD’s as they are capable of misleading them.
ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the views of some preachers of the Word on this incredible pronouncement by Linda. They all doubted the purported message.
According to Spiritual Head and Founder, INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, the Sierra-Leonean prophetess is strange and incredible. “I am hearing for the first time. It’s still strange to me. So, I can’t comment on it now. Maybe after watching the video myself, I will know what to say.”
Also, reacting to the issue, Prophet Olagunoye Faleyimi of Mountain of Blessings and Miracles, Badagry, Lagos, said, “It’s a fake revelation. In the first instance, nobody knows the day of judgment. And no one has been judged yet. The Bible does not tell anybody when the day is going to be. Besides, you’re not supposed to judge your fellow human beings. Even the Quran doesn’t support that kind of claim. People should just be warned against falling victim of fraudsters in the house of God.
“No one is perfect. Even, when Jesus Christ was addressed as good master by the wife of Zebedee, He replied quickly, telling her the only one that’s good is God who created heaven and earth. If Jesus could say that, then who are you?”
In his reaction, Pastor Chuddy Nwamelaku of Divine Increase Assembly said, “If you look at Linda’s claim logically, you will deduce that it’s just a statement from a confused mind. The question we should ask ourselves as Christians is what does the Bible say about the last day. The only person that has ascended to heaven is Jesus Christ. The so-called prophetess Linda is among the many people who have found their way into the house of God fraudulently, causing confusion. Such people should be disregarded. They are signs of end time.”




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  1. 1)it is impossible to be delivered from the torments of hell as linda claimed she was
    2)the Holy Jesus can not enter a sinners body before repentance as Linda Claimed Etc

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