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Patsy Ikechukwu explains why she wrote ‘Defeating Cancer’

Patsy Ikechukwu is the founder of Health Freedom Africa Awareness Initiative. She came from Europe to enlighten Nigerians about eating what our forefathers ate that prolonged their lives which is organic food. She is fighting genetically modified food and how Nigerians can live healthy. Her project launch was on Thursday, July 7, 2016, at LTV 8, Agidingbin, Ikeja, Lagos.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with her about her passion for her initiative and more.


Tell us about yourself, madam?

My name is Patsy Ikechukwu, founder of Health Freedom Africa Awareness Initiative. I am a health coach and a researcher. I am also the author of Defeating Cancer. I wrote the book as a result of my discoveries after the medication I was given that almost killed me.

I was in pains. I suffered so much. I became so bloated. My limps were paining me. I had breast cancer. I was the first person to suffer cancer in my family. I discovered that some of these diseases can be prevented. Nutrition plays a huge role in what is going on today.

Also, there are books written by scientists that say the population is too high, they need to reduce the world population. If you read the book, Eco Science, (it is hard to find). In the book, they said the world population should be reduced. They want to find a way to reduce the population by poisoning our water and food. This is a big problem and people are just looking at it.

A lot of people heard they want to depopulate the world but they don’t know how to go about it. They decided that if we are using our own money to buy our own problem, we wouldn’t know where the problem is coming from. Years back, there was no cancer as we have today. Children were not diabetics as it is today. I believe we need to come together and do something. Government cannot fix it, not even doctors. If they could help, they would have done it years back.

I am here to tell Nigerians that we can live the rest of our lives disease free. All you need is to make sure your nutrients are okay. But people are no longer farming. If you don’t have money to buy nutrients, you should go into farming and improve the nutrients in your soil.

Tell us more about your book, How to defeat cancer?

When I found out that I had cancer, I was searching for alternative cure but I was told there was nothing like that, I went for treatment. The treatment backfired. I was in so much pain. I decided to throw the medication away and started researching to know what I could do. I wasn’t praying for God to heal me, I prayed about the solution. I knew something was wrong. It was in the process I discovered the plan to depopulate the world. I also found out that 90 percent of the supplements of today are not useful to the body.

The pharmaceutical industry is buying them off, so they reduce the supplements in them. I needed B12 for recovery. I went to different places, I couldn’t get it. A chemist once told me that B12 does not exist. I got it eventually in the US. I have discovered that it is better to be your own doctor.

I met an old man that had rotten leg but with a change in nutrition, I knew that amputation could stop. We should eradicate amputation in this country.

Patsy Ikechukwu

Patsy Ikechukwu

Tell us more about your health awareness project?

The project was launched on Thursday, July 7, 2016, at LTV 8, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos. We all have responsibilities to our lives. The government does not owe us much. Our mission is to inform people about the choice to live and stay healthy.

Another issue I want to talk about is genetically modified food. It is dangerous. It was Rockefeller and his friends who wanted to depopulate the world that started it. They tried so many ways of depopulating the world.

What they are doing now is to destroy our crops with genetically modified food. No country will buy such food. Nobody will buy such food in Europe. Europeans will not buy cottonwool that is genetically modified. They wouldn’t buy genetically modified food as well. It introduced diseases and allergy into the system. It is better to harvest organic food.

I wouldn’t eat okro and tomatoes in Nigeria because we don’t know their source. Genetically modified foods are already in Africa. Those that brought them are using our lives to play Russian rollet. Most of them cannot eat them. People who eat it will never be able to have children.

Our government needs to wake up to this reality. No research has been done on it. Our government should curtail those crops and research on them.

How can a genetically modified food be identified?

That is where the problem lies. We cannot know the difference. I will just appeal to the government to stop it before it is too late. What we did in Europe was to stop eating genetically modified food. Later they stopped producing because nobody was buying them. I can remember in Belgium when such maize was planted, students destroyed the farm, even the police joined them after they explained to them. The crops would affect everybody, whether rich or poor. It will affect everybody to the third generation and more if nothing is done about it.

The rich in western countries don’t eat genetically modified food. We really need to wake up. There are people who are willing to sacrifice themselves to satan, they are responsible for this. We must not keep watching.

What advise do you have for Nigerians about their diet?

I will beg Nigerians to go back to what our forefathers ate. The western food is not perfect, their people are not eating it, they brainwash Nigerians and call it business, it is death. It is dangerous. Our forefathers ate cocoyam, yam, good food.

Medical doctors are telling people to eat wheat, I will ask them to prove that wheat is healthier than fufu, amala and eba. No, wheat is one of the most dangerous foods on earth. It destroys your stomach lining. Wheat is linked to cancer, diabetes, almost all the diseases in the country.

In Europe, we have variety of ingredients used in making cake, they don’t use wheat, it has two bad protein, gluten and gliadin.

Patsy Ikechukwu

Patsy Ikechukwu

Our forefathers ate fufu, amala, yam, pounded yam. Wheat wasn’t dangerous from the beginning but the scientists started growing dwarf wheat which is very dangerous. Such wheat prevents the body from absorbing nutrients and it becomes a big problem. Nigerians have to get out of this madness.

Doctors should research on wheat. Science has over hyped wheat. State governments should start protecting their people. The rate of cancer is high in Nigeria now. About 15 women who have cancer called me from Benin, just because of the radio talk I had about my research. We can eliminate a lot of diseases. I need people to join me in this cause. If anybody doubts me, give me 100 diabetics, cancer patients, even kidney disease patients, if I don’t give you good results in a couple of months Nigerians should take my passport and throw it away. If you can afford your treatment, we will get you physicians.

When it comes to cancer, after all the trouble I went through, I discovered that chemotherapy they are using is three percent effective. After a 12 year study, they found out that the 5 year survival rate is low, then, why do people spend millions on chemotherapy.

We need people to support this programme, we need to help Nigerians. Let us start making a difference. The pharmaceutical cartel is too powerful all over the world, they wouldn’t allow us find out the truth.

There is a doctor called Buryznksi. The only crime he committed was treating cancer. If you watch the documentary on Cancer is big business, you will know the fraud going on in hospitals that treat cancer.

Buryznski has been sued eight times in the UK because he is curing cancer that no doctor could cure.

Whoever God is touching out there should be part of this. Don’t leave everything to the government.


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