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Paying school fees was not easy this term – Parents

Nigerians have not had a palatable story to tell since recession hit the economy. A lot of people are just trying to live above board. Many parents withdraw their children and wards to government schools, while those who could afford a private school struggle to pay school fees. ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinions of parents on how challenging it was to pay their children’s school fees. These are the questions: How easy was it coping with payment of school fees this session? How many times did you pay?


EMMANUEL DEMOLA – It wasn’t easy at all. My salary has not increased, in fact, the salary has been reduced. It was cut when the company couldn’t meet up with expenses. They wanted to down size but we eventually resolved to slashing of salary. So, it wasn’t funny paying this time around.

I paid three times.


TOYE SOLOMON – We thank God for everything, it wasn’t easy though. We have paid. I can tell you, this recession is really hard on Nigerians. May God help us in this country.

I paid two times, the first payment was not as difficult as the second. It was as if they will drive my children from school, but God helped us to pay eventually. You can imagine finding it difficult to pay N10,000 balance for two children. Things are so tough in the country right now.


secondary-schoolOBIMI JOHN – It was not a child’s play. I used to plan ahead of time, but this time around, things didn’t work out as planned. We just tried to struggle through it. We thank God. I paid once.


ARCHIBONG KINGS -It has not been easy. Business has not been smooth since the economic meltdown started this year. We are just trying to push through. Feeding the family is a big challenge, not to talk of paying the school fees of three children. I pray that things get better very soon. We really need a change in this country.

I have not finished paying, I still have like N30,000 to pay. I have been pleading with the school, at least they also know that recession is affecting everybody.


BAMIDELE TOLULOPE – It has not been easy. I can say that this is one of the toughest years I have seen in my life. I have never found it this tough paying my children’s fees. In fact, I always pay before school resume for another session and I ensure I give the management my children’s teller the first day school resumes.

I have not finished paying. I have paid for two, it remains the other two, I am paying in installments. I pray I can finish before they start exam.


ERNEST FRANCIS – It has been God all the way. I didn’t even know my daughter would go to a private school this session. We had accommodation problem three months before school resumed, I thought of taking her to a government school until God showed up for us. It wasn’t easy but we were able to make it.

I paid two times, half payment a month after resumption. I went to complete the payment after they resumed from midterm break.


EMMANUEL ABOLOWODE – God has been faithful. We were able to pull through. Though I didn’t put my son in an expensive school, despite that, it wasn’t easy to pay as well. We couldn’t make payment until after two months the school resumed.

We paid it once. It was after school resumed that we could afford to pay.


ERIC JOHNSON – The bible says in everything we should give thanks. Despite the economic situation of the country, God has been seeing us through. We are now using combined forces, myself and my wife. Thank God she is a business woman, she was the one that paid for this term.

We paid once.


ANTHONY OYEYIOLA – It wasn’t easy, this is the toughest year in the history of my life. Financially, my family is just trying to pull through. We have not been able to afford a lot of necessities. I had to withdraw two of my children from private school to a government school.

We have not finished paying, we are paying in installments.


OSHO TAYO – It is by God’s grace that we are trying to survive – feeding, accommodation has not been easy. I had to leave a two bedroom flat for a self contain this year, but I can’t trade my child’s education for anything. I have been doing ‘ajo’ (daily contribution) since January just because of them.

I paid once. Like I said, I had to d ‘ajo’ in other to pay.


AHMED HAMSAT – Nigeria is on fire now, I don’t even understand again. You can imagine, I can’t pay house rent, feed my family, how will I pay school fees? It is my wife that has been feeding me and the children. She is the one that paid for our children’s school fees as well.

We paid once and it was my wife that paid.


WOLE DAVIES – We are all in the Hands of God. May God have mercy on Nigeria. We are just in the Hands of God. We are just trying to manage things. I am still paying up till now and I don’t know how to go about it.

I have paid half for the two of them.


PRINCE GILBERT – The economy is very tough my sister. We are just trying to manage. I still have a back log of bills I don’t know how I will pay them now. I have not finished paying for the first one; I still have two others to pay for. I pray I don’t take them to government school very soon.

I paid for the first one twice; I don’t know how many times it would take to complete payment for the remaining two.


IGNATUS IFEANYI – Business has not been so fantastic like last year, but we can’t complain. We still thank God for his faithfulness. It wasn’t easy but God saw us through.

I paid twice. I have two children; I paid for the first one first, and then paid for the second one the following month.


DANNY OLATUNJI – We cannot complain. Once there is life, there is hope. My wife has been very helpful. She has taken a lot of burden off me financially. So, I cannot complain. A man must be a man.

I paid twice.




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