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Pearl Awards’ Tayo Orekoya explains reasons for 5 additional categories in 2015

Pearl Awards’ Tayo Orekoya explains reasons for 5 additional categories in 2015

The Tayo Orekoya led Pearl Awards held on Sunday, November 29, 2015, at the prestigious Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

It was a double-barrel edition as they celebrated 20. Based on the spirit of excellence and resilience, the occasion accommodated the public presentation of the Nigerian Stock Market Annual 2016 edition.

In a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, Tayo Orekoya explained what Peal Awards represents, reason for the elaborate celebration at 20 and more…


20 years down the lane promoting corporate excellence in the capital market, how do you feel about the Pearl Award?

I feel very great and I give all the glory to God Almighty.

Now that Pearl Award is 20, we are seeing innovations, can you, please explain this?

Some of the innovations we brought in at this 20th anniversary of Pearl Awards edition, include five new awards. For the first time, we are extending Pearl Awards beyond the stock market to cover the entire capital market and for this, we have introduced five new awards, namely Issuing House of the Year, Stock Broker Firm of the Year, Good Corporate Governance Awards. Others are NASD, OTC Traded Security of the Year and OTC Participating Institution of the Year awards.

Pearl Award is 20, how was it like?

It has been a success story. We had our challenges and we were able to overcome them. Of course, the economy has been dynamic, the capital market has witnessed its ups and downs but we still thank God we are alive.  The award is based on fairness, equity, integrity and transparency. We give glory to God.

What are the criteria for selecting winners?

We have the criteria clearly defined. In the main category, we have clear cut parameters like turnover growth, earning yield, return on equity, dividend cover, dividend growth, net asset ratio, profit margin ratio and share price expectation.

How did you come about Pearl Awards?

Pearl Awards is Performance Earning and Return Leadership Awards. Pearl is an acronym.

What is your message to the nominees and winners?

My message to them is that they should continue being strategic, responsive and also visionary, annex all the human and material resources in their capability to remain on the winning train.


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