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Peju Afolabi speaks on life at 50

For Peju Afolabi, crossing the bar of 50 is special in the life of a good Christian as it marks a point where total dedication to the services of God is not negotiable.  At Arca Santa, a very popular event centre in Ilorin, gathered friends, well wishers and family members and it was to share the moment of joy with the family as it held double celebrations.  Peju and her hubby, Gabriel Afolabi used the opportunity of her golden birthday celebration for the iwuye ceremony as Atobase and Yeye Atobase of Okemesi, Ekiti state.

With Tope Alabi on the bandstand, dignitaries at the event were Kwara state SSG, Isiaka Gold, Chief of Staff, Babatunde Wahab, member, House of Representatives, Abubakar Kannike, Alhaji Lateef Gbadamosi, Alhaji Aminu Magashi, Alhaji Shuaib Fari, Commissioner for Finance Demola Banu, Commissioner for Sport Kale Ayo, ALGON Chairman, Lateef Okandeji, traditional rulers and others.

Speaking on how she felt at 50, Peju said she has every reasons to thank the Lord for the uncommon grace. “What would I say except to register total gratitude to God Almighty for keeping me alive to witness today. I have every good reason to thank Him. When one assesses his/her life in retrospect, he or she would remember many things you would definitely be thankful to God for keeping you alive. Certainly, there is  nothing to say but to thank our Lord Jesus Christ for being there. It has been Him and nothing more.”

Any resolution at 50?  “Yes, of course”, she quipped. “I have taken a new resolution which is to double efforts on service to God and humanity. It is said that real adulthood is at 40 and therefore getting to 50 shows real induction into the more mature cadre and it comes with additional responsibilities. So, I am voting for total dedication to the service of God and humanity and I would ensure it is not only about me but a family thing, getting everybody carried along in the renewed spiritual and humanitarian effort is an important duty for me”.

CEO, Divas Merchandise Services Ltd, Chief Gabriel Afolabi, Peju’s husband also spoke on why the family had a double celebration and what his wife stands for in his life.

‘Peju is the rock of my Gibraltar. She has been a good, loving and dutiful wife and I thank God for having her. As a good Christian, she is there to keep the home running and ensure we remain on the path of good Christian life.  Hitting the golden age is no doubt special in anybody’s life and we decided to invite friends and family members to join us in thanking God.  It is also a double celebration, we were earlier honoured with chieftaincy titles by our father, the traditional ruler of Okemesi, in Ekiti state  but we felt we should stay action since her birthday was approaching and we felt it is better to make it a two-in-one celebration.”

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