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Photos: Britain receives World’s biggest cruise ship that dwarfs the Titanic, Harmony of the Seas

1-Fullscreen capture 5172016 23450 PMThe $1 billion boat, Harmony of the Seas arrived in Britain today, Tuesday, May 17, 2016 as it docks in Southampton ahead of maiden voyage.

Harmony Of The Seas is a 1,188 foot and 227,000-ton cruise ship – the newest and biggest the world has ever seen. Worth £800m, it boasts the Ultimate Abyss – the tallest slide at sea – as well as seven separate ‘neighbourhoods’

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Stood on its stern the ship would soar above the Shard, the Eiffel Tower and the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. It is 330ft longer than the Titanic, and can carry a human cargo of 8,880 including 2,100 crew from 77 countries.

The largest cruise ship in the world measures more than four football pitches in length with a maximum capacity for 6,780 passengers. Miami-based Royal Caribbean International ordered Harmony of the Seas in December 2012 and it took 32 months to build the ship

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The massive ship boasts 23 swimming pools, 20 dining venues, a casino and two surf simulators. From September 2013, it took 2,500 workers at STX France a total of some 10 million work hours to complete the enormous vessel.

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