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Plan to triple data cost by December 1 irks all


The directive by Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) to telecommunications companies to triple their data cost by December 1 is the source of anger as many Nigerians are upset by the extra burden.
News that NCC instructed the major players to increase the cost of 1G data bundle from N1,000 to N3,000 from December 1 shocked all.
And here are some views…


so this is how buhari want to stop us from media.the same channel that help him.ok,media or no media 2019 here i wait.b4 i 4get do know that sphaggetti is now N250 and pure water bag is N200.



Foolish NCC. They have just giving the go ahead for cheats and tweaks.



cool cool cool cool cool whichh way Nigeria



Waoh… Thats 3000 per week, God save us.



Wicked naija when man dey live in



To hell with both NCC and Telecommunications



Wetin dey happen now? Buhari again.. For this recession person go still dey pay high amount to browse what about students doing research work, project and assignment? Naija which way cry one step forward 5 steps backward undecided



If the people providing the services are not running at a loss or complaining, who is NCC or FG to complain and compare with data plans across the world?



So our adversaries are no longer telecom operators but our elected politicians? Nigeria is in a mess, instead of the polithiefians protecting interest of the electorate, it’s now the other way round? They want more money to feed their stealing and lavish lifestyles, intimidating others on the road? Government is just too powerful, power needs to be returned to the people. Silly Nigerians would still open their dirty mouth to support this tyrant administration.



what is our offence…?? embarassed embarassed …….

PDP stole our money,truly!,But they never implemented barbaric and inhumane policies such as this….




If I hear anybody complain eh! Shey you pple were clamoring for change But which kind change be this



God will always provide for us to subscribe



This administration is trying to gag people criticising it on social media.

First they tried using the Senate…

Now if you cant afford to pay your bills due to recession they brought upon the people, buying data will be least on your to-do list.

Shame that this is coming from persons who came to power through the use of the social media.

APC – burn the bridge after crossing…



Surely there is not a country more useless than Nigeria. This is the worst government ever.



It has happen again….



What the hell is happening in this country,who we offend because i like to know



Which kind government be this? Does Buhari take joy in seeing people suffer? The N50 stamp duty fees no reach abi?

I know some morons will still defend this action of government. Shior!!



If the federal Government prompted the increase because they felt oit was priced too cheap in the country compared to other West African countries, they should as well increase fuel price and salaries because Nigeria have the lowest compared to other countries. Nansense angry



This is unbelievable!!!

This government is heartless n purely anti masses..




This is what is expected of a country that appointed an analog man to head a digital department.



What kind of wickedness is this? God will punish all this thieves in our top offices. NCC = Nigeria Criminal Congress.



Make I rush sub 1.5. .. Hey na glo go suffer pass. Since den don woo subscriber with cheap data.. I wonder wetin go b their selling point now since their network is poor

Back to cheatz then



This is not good enough. The rate of inflation from February till now is about 400%. NCC has decided to add to the injury without any increase in salary incomes. Where are these old people leading us to in this Nigeria, this is just sad.



Either u vote for Buhari or not, we are in this together….. Sit and Enjoy ya Change… grin grin grin grin grin grin


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