Pop sensation, RITA EDMOND debunks romance tales with PHYNO

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+ Drops new single, Lovy Lovy

Rita Edmond

Rita Edmond

SOUL Diva, Rita Edmond has denied the rumour of intimate relationship with rap star, Phyno.  In an exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Thursday, April 17, 2014, the pop sensation who paid us a courtesy visit, distanced herself from the alleged affair with the wave-making artiste.

The cerebral entertainer and Olabisi Onabanjo University graduate of Industrial Chemistry also shared the modest progress she has made so far in her music career, while unveiling her latest single, Lovy Lovy.

Please meet Rita Edmond…


How did music start for you?

Music started at a very young age.  From there I moved to my church choir.  If you have that talent, where else would you show it first?  Of course, in the choir.  I started writing songs while in school.  I launched into the music industry when I graduated in 2009.



I read Industrial Chemistry at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State.  I left in 2009 and did my National Youth Service in 2010.  I actually served here in Lagos.

Many would be wondering why you abandoned Industrial Chemistry for music?

That is interesting.  I don’t have any regret studying chemistry but music is what I love doing.  It is something that is inside me that can’t be taken away by any other discipline.

So, it is bye bye to Industrial Chemistry?

Yes o.

You’ve got loads of singles, what is the latest one?

I have dropped another hot single, Lovy Lovy.  Before now, I have Tick Tock, a love song.  I released Crazy About You with the video in 2012.  It is very popular.  And right after Crazy About You is this Lovy Lovy I just talked about.

In terms of promotions, how has it been?

I must thank the media and the OAPs in a special way.  Though the challenges have been huge, the media, electronic, print and even the social media have been very supportive.  As a matter of fact, Lovy Lovy is on the list of the seven most played songs at the moment. I’m so, so happy about this.  You can just google Rita Edmond’s Lovy Lovy and confirm how popular the song is.  All the radio stations in the country are playing the love song.

More and more female singers are springing up by the day.  Are you not scared?

Absolutely not.  I can say that any day, any time.  The truth is that the sky is big enough to accommodate all of us.  The Nigerian music industry, I believe, is big enough to take as many of us as possible.  We might seem to be much but we all have our unique selling points.  There is definitely that one thing that separates Rita Edmond from the rest.  So, I’m not worried at all.

What is that x-factor that works for Rita Edmond?

If I’m to say that don’t you think I would be revealing my stage secret?  But you can say on stage, Rita Edmond is absolutely fierce, glamorous and captivating.  There is this magnetic or hypnotic feel about Rita Edmond when she is on stage.  Even if I have just five minutes, I leave behind a memorable effect on the audience.

Rita Edmond

Rita Edmond

Is that also your fans verdict about you?

Oh yes, because that is what I usually hear at the backstage after every performance. I hear people say, “Waoh, you are fantastic.”  I don’t get carried away by that because many of them may just want to impress you.  So, what I usually do is to watch my recorded performance.  I, myself, will appreciate me and confirm what they say.

Let’s get to know more personal details about Rita Edmond.  Are you in a relationship?

Yes, I am.  But that notwithstanding, I love my male fans.

Is the wedding bell tolling soon?

(Laughs) Hopefully.  You all have to be praying for me so that everything keeps going well and good.

What was the attraction to your man?

The fact that he loves what I do and very much in support of what I do.  He doesn’t blink his eyelid when it comes to supporting me.



It is difficult but all the same I’ve been coping fine.  I have also learnt how to find a balance to ensure it doesn’t hurt my musical career.  I try to accommodate all, but if one tries to get as close as I don’t feel comfortable with, I ask for a space.  You don’t cross that boundary.  And my fans respect that which is why I love them all.

There was this story weeks back that you are in hot romance with rap artiste, Phyno who allegedly got you pregnant?

A lot of people have said different things about my relationship with Phyno, but everything they said were all false except the fact that both of us are Igbo.  He is an artiste like me, but all the stories about our romance and me getting pregnant for him is not true at all.  I did travel to Dubai like they said.  I have never been pregnant for Phyno.  But I like him as a person.

Do you work with him?

No, but I wouldn’t mind working with him.

When the story broke out in the blogs were you not disturbed?

Sure!  I was not myself for days because I was shocked that somebody can just wake up and start spreading false information about a lady that is more involved in building her career than in any other thing.  Besides, I’m in a serious relationship. I remember not sleeping well because I got several calls from the media.  So, it was quite traumatic for me.  And it took time for me to recover from the blackmail, so to speak.

What about your man?

He also didn’t take it lightly. He read the stories and queried me. He was in Abuja when he got the fake news.  He even had to call my manager who assured him there was nothing like that.  And when he came back to Lagos, he confirmed there is nothing like that.  So, he kept his cool.

Are you planning some collaborations?

Yes and as fate would have it, Phyno is number one on my list.  You know he is the rave of the moment. That is my wish. I also hope to do collaboration with Tiwa Savage as well as Seyi Shey whose music I cherish and love a lot.  Among the guys I equally like to work with Patoranking.

What genre of music do you really do?

That is a difficult question for a serious artiste because we are all encouraged to be versatile.  An artiste should not be doing one style of music.  A good artiste should be able to do all genres of music.  From R n’ B, Afrobeat to highlife.  And even gospel music.  But for the purpose of classification, you can call Rita Edmond a pop sensation.

Rita, you sound very intelligent and full of confidence, what gives you this uncommon courage?

First of all, I will say God. He has been there for me right from when I was a nobody till now.  So, He gives me the confidence you are talking about.  I can’t give it back to anybody, it’s God.

Where are you taking your musical career?

Wherever God wants it to the highest height. I want to be on everybody’s face. I want to be as popular and relevant as 2Face Idibia, D’Banj, P-Square, Tiwa Savage, Omawumi, Waje, all the beautiful people making waves at the moment.

Can you please tell us more about yourself?

My full names are Rita Onyekachi Edmond.  We are five in the house, two boys and three girls.  My mother is late but my dad is very much here.


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