Pop singer, Soul E turns prophet – ‘God commissioned me to be a blessing to people around me’

Popular artiste, Emmanuel Okose, popularly known as Soul E is now the spiritual head of Soul E Ministry.

The gangling entertainer told ENCOMIUM Weekly that God commissioned him to be a blessing to people of all nations. Though the young man, who was once an item with an older lady, Queen Ure before they went their separate ways, admitted that he’s working on his latest album, Emmy Soul with gospel and inspirational songs, but God’s work comes first and much more.

 What have you been up to careerwise?

I am working on my album entitled, Emmy Soul. It is a double album which has both gospel and inspirational music.

How would you appraise your career over the years?

It has been great because I am a music artiste and I enjoy what I do. I am not into music because of money but I feel happy and fulfilled when my fans write me saying, ‘your song blessed and healed me’. It makes me feel successful.

I learnt that Soul E is now a prophet, can you open up on that?

I don’t like talking about myself but by the grace of God, I would say I was called into the office of a prophet.

Did you ever dream of becoming a prophet or how did your spiritual journey begin?

My father happens to be a minister of the gospel and right from my school days, I have always operated in the office of a prophet. So, from then, I knew I would be used by God and the time is now.

Being a minister of God, what exactly is the calling about?

The fact is, I am a prophet called to bless people around the world. So, I thank God for commissioning me.

Soul-E (1)What are some of the special duties expected of you?

To love God and I have passion for lost souls.

Coming to Lagos for a programme, An Evening with Soul E at Redeemed Church in FESTAC, how do you feel?

I am totally excited about it. It is a programme that will bring hope to people, the sick would be healed and the oppressed will be set free. It is one of my outreaches from Soul E Ministry.

What is the programme all about?

It is a healing programme. I would be preaching and singing. On that day, I will be declaring some prophetic words and God will be ready to bless, heal and deliver those that truly seek it.

Were you invited for the programme or is it your idea?

I am not invited. It’s my ministry programme and my vision.

What inspired your interest in the programme?

I was inspired because my vision for many years is to be used by God and now is the right time and I am ready to be a blessing.

How do you intend to combine music and the work of God?

They work hand in hand. A prophet can’t prophecy without an atmosphere of worship and praise. Great albums will be out to this effect. I know you can’t work for God and fail.

Would you move from secular artiste to gospel?

I am not an artiste. I am a minister, anyone that carries the Holy Spirit is a minister and I do that with my songs. I am not here for any competition or to make a hit, I am here to be a blessing to the people that listen to my album.

You said that you are working on two new singles, what are they about?

The first is a song of hope, while the other one is a wedding song.

What gave you the inspiration?

My life and my surroundings.

How are you enjoying marital bliss?

I love to keep my private life private.

Do you see yourself setting up a church in future?

Yes, I will have my own church when the time is right.


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