Popular body enhancement clothings on parade

IN recent times, women and men have become more aware and conscious about their bodies.  This might be seen as vain but all the television commercials show the perfect body with perky breasts, super slim waists, full hips and well rounded buttocks and this of course, sends all women without these attributes on race of getting their desired bodies at all costs.

Some go as far as injecting their buttocks with all sorts of substances to make them grow bigger, while some stick to exercise which gives very slow results and others simple wear body enhancement clothings for quick and on the spot result.

ENCOMIUM Weekly brings to you popular body enhancement clothings that both men and women wear to alter their bodies to their desired shapes and sizes.



The butt lifters are the latest in the body enhancement clothing department.  They are supposed to lift a woman’s buttocks and make them perky.  It is a garment said to enhance the buttocks permanently if worn daily for six hours minimum or overnight.  It usually has two large holes in the buttocks area.  It can also be worn under any clothing.  They come in different styles and designs.  So, any lady with no buttocks or already sagging buttocks can wear the butt lifter to enhance and give their buttocks a lift.  The holes at the back of the butt lifters help push the buttocks cheeks ‘up’ and ‘out’ of the holes thus creating a perky and lifted effect.

They cost between N3,000 and N10,000.



The waist trainers are definitely here to stay.  They’ve been around for decades and keep resurfacing from time to time in different designs and colours.

The waist trainers are said to give women an exaggerated hour glass figure with really small waist, fuller hips and a flat tummy.  There are the latex waist trainer, waist cincher, steel boned waist training corset, body shaper, etc.  All of these have different uses depending on one’s comfort, pocket size and fitting.  A lot of women are really on the waist trainer craze, as about seven out of 10 women own a waist trainer.



These are popularly called Bumbum, and they are padded shorts, worn as underwear. They are usually padded in the buttocks to make the buttocks look bigger.  The butt pads are meant for ladies with little or no buttocks and is only temporary and has no permanent effect on the buttocks.  They also come in another form called the Bumbum and hips.  You wear the pad or foam in the undershorts from the buttocks area to the hips area to give one a big and well defined buttocks and hips.  Depending on the quality, they cost between N1,000 and N10,000.



This is for the men and this gives artificial and temporary 6 packs.  This is for men who have always wanted to look hot and admirable.

The 6-pack wear is said to have the ability to pull in excess stomach fat.  It is usually worn under clothings.  They are usually sold from between N10,000 and N25,000.



This is a type of underwear specifically made for men with protruding stomach.  It is fast becoming well known amongst the men folk. Not only women like to enhance their body with artificial clothings.  It has been fabricated for men to flatten and smoothen their beer stomachs.  Though it is temporary, it can give a permanent result if worn for long hours as it accelerates weight loss through sweat and compression.



These are rather new and haven’t gained much popularity.  The sticky butt pads are also called sticky buns. They are silicone, removable, recyclable, realistic butt boost.  All one needs to do is press the pads against the inside of the undies or pants.  They are said to be washable and easy to wear.



These are for ladies with small breasts.  They are suitable for one who wants to wear backless, strapless or body revealing clothes.  They are stretchy silicone cups designed to provide perkiness by lifting the breasts using a slick and lift method.  It is said to give the breasts a beautiful, natural perky shape, eliminate sag and create a cleavage.  It provides an ultra-thin, undetectable solution.


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