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Pounds and stocks suffer hours after Brexit victory

Hours after those who voted Britain out of the European Union won by 52 percent to 48, the country is already being hit by negative indices in the value of the pounds sterling, with stocks suffering damaging blows.

The FTSE 100 recorded its biggest fall in history, losing over £100 billion of its value. The world is panicking  as it watches investors losing a lot of money.
The London premier index fell by 458 points to 5,880, losing 7.19 percent of its value. And more devastating blows may be recorded.
Stocks in banks are falling like a pack of cards, with some financial institutions losing as much as 34 percent of their value.
Britain’s AAA rating is being reconsidered, as speculations are rife that it will drop.
Traders around the world are in panic mode, and some markets have been suspended until events become clearer.
The pounds sterling is also losing, shedding as much as 10 percent against the dollar, and exchanging at $1.35 to £1.
Many are talking advantage of the weak pound to exchange into other currencies.

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