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Presenting the first canned alcoholic wine -as Afro Bev launches premium products

Afro Beverages and Distillers Ltd, a subsidiary of Linland Group of Companies, have restated their standing as a leading distilling outfit with the launch of a range of new groundbreaking products, to resounding applause.

The innovative distillers, bearing in mind that customers know good things when they see it, have launched the fine blends into the market, and which are sure to become the favourite of many.

Among the products launched are Chapman Cocktail, a quality non-alcoholic cocktail good for

the family and Camel Rock brand of superior wines of origin in the coastal region, South Africa. This has given birth to the first alcoholic wine packed in a can having a range of red, rose and cuve

é nectar.

Speaking at the launch, Reuben Onwubiko, the Chief Operating Officer of the company, noted despite the competitive nature of the industry, the uniqueness, roducts will stand them in good stead.

affordability and quality of their products will stand them in good stead.

In his words, “With the launch of these products today, we have crushed the barriers that people used to have that hinder them from having their preferred drinks when they want it. Now, they can enjoy their beverages when and how they want it, and it will not be hard on their pockets. Afro Beverages have solved those issues. You can readily get our products at supermarkets, hotels, gas stations and open markets.

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