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Presidency refutes Buhari’s claims against Jonathan’s administration 

Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd)

Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd)

The presidency has moved to refute claims made by General Muhammadu Buhari while making known his intent to run for the office of president yesterday (October 15) in Abuja, where he claimed that Nigeria’s “economy continues to deteriorate”.

In a statement made available to encomium.ng, the president said: “The falsity of General Buhari’s anti-Jonathan and anti-PDP claims will be obvious to knowledgeable Nigerians and friends of the country, but for the benefit of others we affirm that there is absolutely no truth whatsoever in his charge that ‘the last 16 years of PDP Government has witnessed a decline in all critical sectors of life in Nigeria’ or that ‘the economy continues to deteriorate’ “.

The presidency went on to back their claim with statistics, adding: “As is well known, available figures, statistics and ratings show that the Nigerian economy has consistently maintained an unprecedented growth rate of 6-7% under the Jonathan administration. They also show that the Nigerian economy is now the leading economy in Africa and the 26th largest in the world with a gross domestic product of over $500 billion per annum”.

However, the presidency reaffirmed that despite the allegations – though ‘baseless’ – president Jonathan will carry on with his transformation agenda.




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