Pretty actress, Lizzy Anjorin to premiere Kofo, the first lady in grand style

+ King Sunny Ade on band stand

ON Sunday, May 11, 2014, all roads will lead to Anchor Event Centre, Lateef Jakande Road, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos, as pretty thespian, Lizzy-Aisha Anjorin will be launching her new movie, Kofo, the First Lady and as well as celebrating Lizzy Anjorin Foundation’s second anniversary.  The two-in-one event tagged, Koseleri promises to be the best of its kind.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a phone interview with the Badagry, Lagos born actress on this and much more on Sunday, March 30, 2014…

liz anjorin3What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on the launching of my new movie, Kofo, the First Lady.  The event is tagged Koseleri, which means one of its kind.

Why was it tagged Koseleri?

It’s Koseleri because it’s going to be very unique.  What will take place that day has never happened in the history of movie launch in Nigeria.  One of the elements of the occasion is having King of World Beat, King Sunny Ade on the band stand, which has never happened as far as Nigerian movie industry is concerned.  I am the first actress that Baba will be playing at her movie launch.  Also, I will be staging a 10-minute comedy live alongside other colleagues of mine, including Baba Ijesa, Ijebu and others.  Equally, there is going to be exciting magical performance by Nike Peller and her team. Other beautiful side attractions are also coming up.  So, the event promises to be the talk of the town.

It’s going to be a two-in-one event…

(Cuts in) Yes, my movie launch and second anniversary of Lizzy Anjorin Foundation for the disabled.

When and where exactly is the event taking place?

It’s holding on Sunday, May 11, 2014, at Anchor Event Centre, Lateef Jakande Road, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos.

How prepared are you for the day?

We’re getting ready for everything.  All hands are on deck to ensure that the whole thing turns out successful.

Can you unveil your guests list?

No, but dignitaries are coming from all walks of life.  By the special grace of God, the event is going to be classy and very exciting.

liz anjorin279Is there anything like aso ebi this time around?

Yes, of course. It’s already in circulation but we will stop selling in the next few days. It’s N10,000, that’s an Ankara fabric with head gear to match for women.

How much did you budget for the launching?

It’s obvious I won’t disclose any amount but all I know is that it’s going to gulp a lot of money.

How do you foot the bill or there is a man behind the whole thing?

It’s God.  I don’t have any man doing that for me.  God has always been with me and He won’t let me down this time.

A lot of people think Kofo, the First Lady is part three or four of Kofo Tinubu. What’s the difference and similarity between the two?

Yes, I agree with you that a lot of people will be thinking in that direction but Kofo, the First Lady is a different story on its own but with the same characters.  Now, Kofo’s character is wider. She has become the first lady, a governor’s wife.  She moves around with security details and aides, enjoying all the paraphernalia of her office as first lady.  It’s a story that also boosts my foundation, which is also about the disabled.  The movie is just to give more courage to parents of the disabled and the disabled themselves.  The gospel I am preaching with that is to let the public know that there is ability in disability and that someone you underrate may eventually become a very important figure.  So, Kofo, a disabled lady is now first lady.  As part of the unique things about the launching, I have branded my Range Rover jeep with Kofo, the First Lady. It’s also a first  in the industry.

In few days, you will be adding a year. Are you not celebrating that also?

That one is next week but I will just celebrate it with friends.  It’s not going to be an elaborate thing. It’s just to appreciate God for His mercies and protection over me.

liz anjorin2Today is the second anniversary of your mother’s burial, which also coincides with Mother’s Day celebration. Are you doing anything to remember her?

I always remember my mother.  I will forever remember her for everything she used to tell me when she was alive.  The truth of the matter is that I loved her so much.  My mom was like a diamond.  When she died, it’s like a diamond lost in the sea which can never be found again.

How would you describe life without her all this while?

My life has been cool and good, and I have been wonderfully blessed. I give thanks to Almighty Allah for everything.  A lot of people believed that after my mother’s death, life will turn miserable for me, but God has always been there for me. I thank Him for that.  And I am trying to be a good girl even after she died just as I promised her.

What are the things that have changed in your life since she died?

I still remain my very self. It’s only then I believed I had a mother but now I am a mother myself.  I am also a father to myself because I have no father as well.

How would you now describe life as a lone ranger?

Life is beautiful and so shall it continue to be. I do things at my pace.  As a lone ranger, you don’t have to copy another person’s way of life, you just have to operate within your own limit.  But in all, I thank Allah for His wisdom, mercies and strength bestowed on me.

liz anjorin4How does it feel being one of the most beautiful actresses?

It feels great.  I am happy about that. People keep saying Lizzy is pretty but I keep telling them, I give God all the glory.  Also, I need to appreciate my mom because not all beautiful women give birth to beautiful kids.  But above all, I give God the glory for making me who I am.

What’s the greatest thing you’re still looking up to God for?

God knows so many beautiful things He can still do for me.  He is my Creator, He knows everything about me.  So, let’s leave that for Him to decide.

Okay, but you must desire something the most.  What’s that?

Let me say peace and long life.  I don’t want to ask for any material thing of this world because I believe if you have peace and long life, you have everything.

You sound like a very devout Muslim, have you been practicing since you returned from pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia?

Yes, of course.  I pray regularly.

Many of your fans believe you ought to have married…

(Cuts in) Yes, marriage is a good thing, but it’s not something one can rush into.  What is the essence of the marriage consummated today and then crashes the next month.  So, wait and let it happen at the right time.

Have you found the right man?

Yes, but when it’s time you will get to know him.


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