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Price of sex crashes further

-As more ladies join prostitution

The price per round of sex among commercial sex workers has further declined as a result of the influx of more frustrated women into the oldest trade.
Some prostitutes spoke to when we visited few of the fun spots in Lagos confirmed to us that sex has become cheaper than ever before as more and more women are joining the trade.
“It’s true, price per a round of sex has gone down now. And the reason is that there are lots of new faces in the business now which has forced down the price of sex. And the reason we’re having more women in the business is that things are still very hard. The economy is yet to bounce back. Then, men are not ready to pay much as they used to. So, some of us don’t have any other choice than to bring down the price. And some men prefer new faces, and those new faces don’t charge much. We call them JJC. They go as low as N4,000 or even N3,000 for lodging,” said one of the prostitutes who identified herself as Mabel.
Another prostitute, who gave her name as Joy, also said, “The situation in the country has not improved at all. That’s why more women are turning to hustling  by the day. Most of them are frustrated.  And that’s the more reason sex price has reduced. And if you think you’re hot and you don’t want to reduce your price, men will abandon you for others who are even hotter than you now that they have a lot of alternatives to play with. We don’t make much money as we used to. I went to Port Harcourt, Rivers state with the hope that I will make more money, I came back to Lagos after I discovered that there’s little or no difference in the situation there.”




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