Price of tomatoes jumps suddenly 

Price of fresh tomatoes, one of the ingredients for making stew and soup, has jumped up again. Our findings revealed that tomatoes are now more expensive than it used to be, though one can still get N50 portions but it wouldn’t be more than three tiny pieces. In some cases, it could be four and it would be so tiny and annoying . 

Information pieced together by showed that no tangible reason is responsible for this sudden rise. 

A basket of tomatoes used to be N7,000 or N7,500 but now it is more than N10 ,000. Some purchased it between N11,000 and N12, 000. According to one of the tomatoes seller at a neighbourhood market who spoke to, “I don’t know why the price jacked up like that, I have stopped selling tomatoes for now because of that increment. The last time I bought a basket was after Easter. I bought it for N9000. Thereafter, the least you can get it is N11 ,000. Even at Ile epo, my customers have been complaining that it is too expensive and the quantity is small. That’s why I have restricted my sale to pepper, l just refer them to another person when they need tomatoes.”

A housewife, Mrs Akindina, claimed, “The last time I bought tomatoes, it was just three pieces for N50. I was surprised because Muslims have not yet started fasting, there is no reason the price should go up like that. There is no increment in pump price of fuel, so I don’t really know why it is like that.”

Usually, prices of items in the market skyrocket when fasting is fast approaching but Muslims have not yet started fasting. There is no reason for the hike in price.
– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 

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