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Prices of essential commodities skyrocket – Nigerians groan under hardship

The economic recession the country is battling has left damaging consequences in most Nigerian homes. Means of livelihood no more take people anywhere, even with multiple income, breadwinners find it extremely difficult to cater adequately for their families. People live from hand to mouth with low quality food which has increased cases of malnutrition across the country.

To make matter worse, salaries are not paid as at when due. In two out of 10 Nigerian homes, the breadwinners have lost their means of livelihood, leaving the wife to shoulder most of the responsibilities in the home.

Open-air-market-in-Ibadan-NigeriaThe downturn in the economy has made all commodities skyrocket. Cheeks across the market revealed that prices of commodities have skyrocketed beyond the reach of the poor. Some commodities have tripled in prices, from cost of transportation to petrol, food items to kerosene, gas, clothes to house rent and many more.

Compared to past years when a minimum wage earner can cater for almost all his needs and sometimes extent a hand of fellowship to family and friends that has become a thing of the past.

Reasons for the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities have been attributed to the high rate of dollar exchange. For instance, a bag of rice which was sold for N12,000 now goes for N18,000 – N20,000 depending on the brand. A pack of turkey was sold for N7,000 before, it is now between N10,000 and N12,000, while a kilo is sold for N900 and N,1000. There is a price list of essential commodities before and after. We also spoke with Nigerians on how they are coping.



Prices of commodities are too high now. We used to buy a bag of rice for N10,000. When the price was increased, we shifted to half a bag, then to quarter bag, now it is paint bucket I buy. I can’t cook the quantity I used to cook before the price went up. We just share whatever is in the pot and ask the children to drink more than one cup of water. I don’t know what Nigeria is turning to, food is now gold for the common man.



God will help us in Nigeria. If I took N10,000 to the market last year, my store would be full. I would buy varieties of food that used to last us up to two months. Now, my husband can’t even afford to give me that amount again. Last month he could only give N4,000. Semo is almost N4,000, it means I can only buy Semo from the money. I broke into tears one day in the kitchen because I was frustrated. I don’t know where to turn to again.



The family cannot eat as much as we used to. Once I and my wife leave the house, we would eat what she cooks at home till night again when we go back home. That is how we have been managing. We both own a shop that was partitioned into two. I sell food stuff, she sells condiments and other minor things. We had to close her shop when business was no more moving. I just yam-exportpray our government does something about it.



It is God that has been helping us. Things are really not easy. We are just trying to manage. Bills are piling up as well. We have withdrawn our children from private school because of money. They are now going to government school. I used to give my wife feeding allowance weekly, I cannot afford that again. I only giver her N5,000 per month, what can it buy, I know it is small, I just can’t afford to give more than that.



Things are too expensive now. We used to stock the house but that does not happen again. You can imagine, to buy elubo alone is N5,000 and it would only last for one month that is if it will. I had to introduce pap to the children when we could no longer afford cornflakes and Golden Morn. We can’t even afford to give them bread as daily breakfast too. It is really a sad story. We are just praying for better days.



The situation of the country has gone from bad to worse, no amount is enough to feed the family again. To make matter worse, our landlord has increased rent by n100,000. Where would I get that. I am thinking of relocating to the village to start farming.



Dano Milk refill                 N650                                      N550

Milo refill                             N750                                      N500

Candle                                   N200                                      N120

Bag of rice                            N19,000 – N20,000             N12,000 – N14,000

Paint bucket of beans        N1,400                                  N1,000

Elubo                                     N5,000                                  N3,500

Paint bucket of gari            N600 – N700                       N300 – N350

Semo 10 kg                          N3,000 – 3,200                     N2,200

Spaghetti (pack of 20)        N3,500 – N4,000                N2,000

Kings oil (5kg)                    N2,400                                  N1,700

Detergent (Omo)                N500                                      N450

Detergent (Sunlight)         N400                                      N350

New yam (1 big tuber)       N700 – N1,000                    N350

Barf soap                              N60                                        N50

Golden Morn (500g)         N600                                      N450

Golden Morn (1kg)            N1,000                                  N800

Tooth paste                          N200                                      N150

Flour                                     N7,000 – N10,000              N5,000

Turkey                                  N7,000 – N10,000              N7,000

Poly bag                                N20                                        N10

Pure water (per bag)           N150                                      N100

Pure water (5 bags)             N500                                      N350

Bread                                     N300 – N400                       N200 – N250

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