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Prices of goods continues to skyrocket as recession bites harder

Nigerians are finding it tougher to survive as prices of commodities continue to skyrocket.’s check revealed that prices of minor commodities such as daily needs has escalated the more. Toothpaste which used to be sold for N200 is now N250, leave it or take it. Even salt that was sold for N50 before is now N70.
Sachet Dano milk, formerly sold for N20 per one, now goes for two N50 now.

We further Sampled opinions of housewives and market women.


I am fed up of the situation.  All those items we categorize as common and cheap are no longer cheap.
Before, if I take N1000 to buy fish, I will buy as much as five. Now, it is two and half that N1,000 can purchase. A kilo of fish is N1,000 in my area.


Prices of commodities soar daily.  Just buy what you can and leave the rest. My husband needed an handkerchief yesterday, I sent my son with N50 to purchase it, he came back with the money and said it was N70.


It is true that prices of goods have gone up. Little things that are not supposed to be expensive are very expensive now. Salt, matches, seasonings are more expensive now. I bought shaving stick for my husband at N70 instead of N50.  We shouldn’t go near food stuffs now, everybody is just managing.

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