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Prices of ingredients skyrocket as Easter approaches, market women, housewives laments

As Easter celebrations is upon us, prices of ingredients are already on the high side. A visit to different markets within Lagos metropolis reveals that ingredients, especially tomatoes are getting beyond the reach of the common man.

According to a tomato seller, Mrs. Salami, “I bought a basket of tomatoes two days ago at Ile Epo, it was just N6,000. I went there the second day and I couldn’t believe what I was told, they called it N9,000. I couldn’t buy a basket, how would I sell it for God’s sake?”

A house wife Mrs. Depeju said, “I bought tomatoes yesterday, I wanted to buy more but the money I had on me was not enough. So, I bought a handful. To my greatest surprise, it has skyrocketed the next day. The quantity I bought a day before can’t be compared to what I was offered the next day. I don’t know why price of ingredients will keep on skyrocketing during festivities.”

“I couldn’t believe what I saw in the market today, fifty naira tomatoes were just three pieces, I wanted to scream, it is unbelievable really,” Mrs. Solomon stated.

“I was not surprised when a neighbor started complaining about hike in prices of ingredients. That is what happens anytime festivities is around the corner. I bought some days before people started complaining,” Mrs. Chinyere revealed.

Prices of pepper also witnessed an increase but not as high as that of tomatoes.




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