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Professor Johnbull, Glo TV series, treats pregnancy and trust issues in Episode 2

The second episode of the hilarious TV drama series, Professor Johnbull, sponsored by data grandmasters, Globacom, aired on Tuesday night, with focus on the issue of pregnancy and betrayal of trust between children and their parents.

The episode titled, ‘Eliza My Daughter’, opened with the lead character, Professor Johnbull (Kanayo O. Kanayo) tending his garden while listening to the music of the prolific highlife crooner, Flavour.

Professor Johnbull’s engineer son, Churchill (Junior Pope) entered the scene and was asked by his father about who repaired his transistor radio and made it possible for him to enjoy the radio set once again. Churchill confirmed that he repaired the radio and the conversation evolved into choice of career for the son.

“I am highly impressed with your genius in fixing gadgets”, Professor Johnbull posited as he tried to dissuade his son from becoming a musician, describing music as “arrant balderdash”. His son however felt otherwise and tactfully and respectively maintained his stance.

Just then, the daughter, Elizabeth (Queen Nwokoye), entered the scene hurriedly, looking sickly and uncomfortable. She soon started vomiting, getting his father worried.

In the midst of the confusion, Mai Doya (Funky Mallam) arrived to share with Professor Johnbull the good news that his wife was pregnant and also expressed his concern that she was vomiting all over their house. That information piqued Professor Johnbull’s interest, and he began to suspect that his undergraduate daughter who was also vomiting might be pregnant.

He listened more carefully to Mai Doya especially on the nexus between pregnancy and vomiting to buttress his suspicion about his own daughter.

What followed was a series of rash steps by Prof. Johnbull in a bid to confirm if his daughter was pregnant or not and who was responsible.

After conducting what he called “optical examination and initial parental diagnosis” on Elizabeth, Professor Johnbull discreetly procured pregnancy testing strips from a local pharmaceutical shop, and enlisted the help of Caro as well as a medical doctor, acted by Pascal Atumah, to unravel the pregnancy mystery.

Interestingly, in her characteristic illiterate manner, Caro gave the pregnancy testing strip to her lover boy, Olaniyi, the nkwobi seller, acted by Yomi Fash-Lanso, who turned the issue to a communal discussion involving Mai Doya and Samson, the “adjudicator” acted by the comedian, Ogus Baba to make Professor Johnbull a laughing stock.

The drama also promoted personal hygiene by teaching proper handling of drugs and covering of nose whilst sneezing.

In the end it turned out that Elizabeth was not pregnant and Professor Johnbull had to swallow the humble pie and apologise to his daughter.

Professor Johnbull wrapped the episode up, stating: “by not trusting my trustworthy daughter, I could easily have destroyed the trust and love that existed in my family. Oh yes, I overdid this one!”

He admonished parents from over-reacting and stop being overtly suspicious of their girls despite the prevalence of sexual immorality amongst the youth.

The program, bankrolled by Globacom, runs on Tuesdays at 8.30pm on NTA Network, NTA International and Startimes while the repeat episode runs on Fridays on the same channels at the same time.


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