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Professor Johnbull knocks “black fuel marketers” in Episode 4, Foreign Fuel

The major highlight of the 4th episode of the popular TV drama series, Professor Johnbull, which will run tonight on national television, is on the criminal bravado often displayed by illegal fuel attendants during any of the incessant fuel crises the nation has had to endure.

The entertaining TV drama series, powered by the grandmasters of data, Globacom, will be aired tonight on NTA Network, NTA International on DSTV, channel 251 and NTA on Startimes.

Millions of TV viewers will see in the episode, titled Foreign Petrol, how a few individuals, attempted to capitalise on the severe economic situation in the country, fanned by fuel scarcity, to enrich themselves.

One of the victims of the economic challenge is the hotelier, Etuk, acted by Ime Bishop, who sits in front of his hotel and makes a “public service announcement”, hoping that by continuously ringing a bell, he can draw customers to the hotel.

Flash (Stephen Odimgba) becomes an emergency “black marketer”. Will the long arms of the law catch Flash? Who squealed on Flash? What role did Churchill play in all these? What is car pooling and why is Professor Johnbull recommending it to his “proximate people?”

Viewers will also be fascinated to find out that Professor Johnbull’s bombastic expressions is rubbing off on some of his proximate neighbours like Mai Doya (Funky Mallam).

Globacom, in a statement issued in Lagos on Monday, said that viewers “will see Professor Johnbull, acted by Kanayo O. Kanayo, in his best element as he elucidates on the dangers of “Black Marketing” and proffers pragmatic solutions.”  The statement added: “the 4th episode of Professor Johnbull  tagged Foreign Petrol is as entertaining as it is educative.”

The repeat broadcast of the episode will be shown on Friday at 8.30pm on NTA Network pan Nigeria, NTA International on DSTV and NTA on StarTimes.

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