Project Fame Season 7 Winners Tell Their Victory Stories (3)

On Saturday, September 27, 2014, Geoffrey Orji emerged winner of MTN Project Fame Season 7 carting away N5 million, a brand new SUV and recording contract with Saved Miller. 23 year old Rukky Mercy, first runner-up won N3 million and car while 27 year old Christian Amoah from Ghana was named second runner up and was rewarded with N2 million and car. In an exclusive chat with Encomium Weekly, the winners bared their mind to us.


Christian Amoah‘I’ll be relocating  to Nigeria’ – CHRISTIAN AMOAH, 2nd Runner-Up

What came into your mind when you were announced the second runner-up?
I felt blessed. I was humbled, really humbled. My mind was pounding before and just came down totally. The reason it was pounding was that everybody standing there were looking at me, temper was really high so when they mentioned my name, it’s a relief. I just thank God for everything. If not for anything, I have fame, I have money and I’ve got my car. It is not for me to enjoy myself, it is for me to make my career meaningful. It is for me to uplift my career. And I thank God so much that all I have been through in this competition is just by God and my fans. I’ve not done anything by my power at all, but the favour God gave to me. Back to back probation, it helped me gain more publicity and helped me enlarge more fan base for five weeks. I was on probation three or four times, the Faculty saved me once. So, all these things that happened to me was to help me build my fan base and improve on my skill. I thank God for taking me this far in the competition. I was hoping to win but not feeling bad and I don’t feel cheated in anyway. I’m Ghanaian, that does not mean I’m not African or black, it doesn’t mean I don’t come from West Africa. I am an African, so I don’t feel cheated in another black man’s country. We are in a global village now where Nigerians are in Ghana doing so well, why would I feel cheated coming to Nigeria. Those that are in Ghana that did not make it to the academy do not feel cheated. They wept for what they got, I will have to weep for what I got too. So, I thank God for what He has done for me and I thank my fans.

Was there any intimidation in the house because so many people were rooting for Emekus to win?
I never felt intimidated. The thing that Project Fame does to you is a lot. It psychologically immunes your mind to these things, like it takes your mind off negativity, it takes your mind off intimidation and anything that will weigh you down. It rather pushes you to the wall and what happens is when you bounce on the wall, it bounces you back even harder than you expected. That’s what Project Fame does to you. Though people feel intimidated by me because of the day I performed people were screaming. I should feel intimidated by the way people shout for Emekus. I should feel intimidated by the way people were waiting for Clement. Even by the way Ugo played the guitar, keyboard and sang, but as time went on, they got to realize that everybody had found themselves. I am a performer, there is no way Geoffrey could perform to my level and there was no way anywhere that I could do anything vocally than Geoffrey, no. I can’t sing more than Geoffrey. Geoffrey is a born singer. I am a born performer, Ugo is a born musician. So, everybody found themselves and nobody felt intimidated. In other words, we’ve learnt not to feel negative.
You came all the way from Ghana, what was your target when you left Ghana?
My target was to absorb everything that the Academy will throw at me and use it to my advantage. I just took everything as they came, so that eventually if the fans see you and like who you are, they will vote for you and they will make you their winner. The plan was to work, learn and take it easy. Then when you get there and God says okay, Christian this is your reward, you win. I won, thank God. Everybody deserves to win, but Geoffrey has been consistent in all these weeks, and so he deserved it.
You won N2m and a salon car. How are you going to spend your money?
I can’t tell you that I am investing all that money in my career. I would say that it’s something MTN gave me to push my career. It is not for my enjoyment, it is for me to work for my fans which won it for me.
How long are you going to stay in Nigeria before you return to Ghana?
I’ll be going back soonest, but I think I’ll be relocating to Lagos.
Any reason for that?
Lagos is where you have soul ambassadors and I’m a workaholic. I feel that if I go to Ghana, I might relax because I’m home but when you are somewhere and you know it’s not home, you’ll need to wake up. So, I need that wake up call, that’s why I’m relocating to Lagos for it has more opportunities than back home. The population of Nigeria compared to that of Ghana is big, so I want to use the opportunity to be able to relate with my fans in Lagos and Ghana as well. I want to start in Lagos, get used to them and use the opportunity to work.
Tell us about your background.
My mom is a reverend minister and my dad is a businessman. I am from a family of seven. Music has always been in my mind because my family is that of music. I have a very good music background. My mom will always tell me check your lyrical content, if whatever you have is suitable in church, then you are good. So, anything I’m doing I always have my mom in my mind.


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