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Prostitutes now clamour for meaningful employment as patronage worsens

‘We’re dying of hunger’, they cry

As most fun seekers who hitherto were regular clients to prostitutes in some fun spots in Lagos metropolis are now cash crunch due to recession, and that is seriously telling on the standard of living of most prostitutes as they are now finding it difficult to make ends meet. This, however, has led to the quest by some of them for noble employment that liberate them from the acute hunger and poverty confronting them at the moment.

Some of the commercial sex workers had a chat with confirmed the development. They added that there’s nothing like being engaged in meaningful jobs, especially now that men are not ready to part with their meager wages.


‘I need a good job, don’t want to die in hunger’- JOYCE NWOKOYE

“Things are terrible at the moment. Many of us are dying of hunger, we’re only pretending. I only pity those who are just joining us. There’s no money in it again. Ever before now, I was making at least N40,000 in a month, but now I hardly make N10,000. Even to eat two times daily is very difficult now, let alone making my hair. On many occasions, we will be outside standing or roaming up and down, we won’t see any man to call us. Instead,  some will still be making yell of us. At times, we resort to begging when there’s no transport money on us. To me, I need a job that at least will address this hunger I am facing. I will appreciate it if you can help me. I am still young, able and willing now. I don’t want to die in hunger. Now that the economic situation is yet to improve, no man is financially buoyant enough to part with his money when he has a lot of responsibilities facing him at home.”


‘I will like to work if I get job any moment from now’ – CYNTHIA ALBERT

“To say the truth, I am tired and sick of being a prostitute. I am just realising it’s not a good job for a noble person now that nothing is not really coming from it again. I go back home empty handed. I can’t meet my needs again. Most of us are seriously hungry. I am ready to work now if I can get one. The government should also try and create job opportunity for us and many like us who are still on the street. Although, not many of us would like to work, I don’t think I belong to them.”


‘I need a meaningful job’ – BLESSING

“Even when the economy was good, I have always been thinking of quitting prostitution for a regular and paying job. I have found it indecent now more than ever before. The, men would come to us directly and make their choices. Some would not even mind the prices you give them. But now, things have changed drastically. No one cares whether you’re there. We’re the ones begging them now even with ridiculous prices. We’re very poor at the moment. We can’t even take care of ourselves as we used to. I need a good job to take care of myself and two kids because I don’t have any man doing that for me.”



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