Prostitution is not profitable again

The present harsh economy has taken its toll on almost all business interests in the country, be it legitimate or illegitimate. And commercial sex trade appears worse hit as most of the practitioners now lament poor patronage occasioned by harsh times which every average Nigerian is going through at the moment.

ENCOMIUM Weekly’s checks at some hangouts and fun spots in parts of Lagos State revealed that very few men now patronize prostitutes to satisfy their ever rising libido. And that has inevitably slowed down the business coupled with the influx of new entrants, especially married women.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with some of these prostitutes, also known as runs girls, on how they cope with the harsh economy. They all poured out their mind, blaming their present financial mess on poor economic situation of the country. However, some of them pledged to quit the illicit trade if the country’s situation doesn’t improve before the end of the year.



I have been in prostitution for about five years. I was married before but now separated. I am the one taking care of my children because their father had lost his job for quite long. I left my marriage because of my husband’s unfaithfulness with our union.

And anytime I challenged him, I always received the beating of my life. So, I had to call it quits with the marriage. Left to me, I wouldn’t have opted for prostitution but there was no any other alternative thing I could be doing since the country doesn’t have anything for its people.

Although, it’s shameful meeting people like me here every night, there is nothing I can do about that. My personal business has collapsed and there is no one to sponsor me. All I know is that I can’t be a prostitute forever. I only need to get more money to stabilize.

It’s only that the situation of the country now doesn’t call for any celebration at all. That’s why men don’t patronize us like before. If you like use voodoo, you’re not sure of anything. It’s only once in a while you see a man that can take you or lodging which doesn’t attract as much as before.



I am not comfortable with this job anymore because money is not flowing as it used to. Before, I used to make an average of N40,000 in a week but now, it’s not so. I have not even made N50,000 this year. I can’t even say I got up to N10,000 since the beginning of this month. My brother, I don’t know what’s happening to our government.

Buhari is just making every business more difficult. The economy is too bad. I have a shop but sales have dropped since the naira keeps falling every day. People don’t have money to buy wears now, it’s food first before any other thing.

And before man can patronize you now, that means they have settled their homes first which is very difficult to achieve now. It’s only that most of us are used to coming out at night, that’s why you see us now, not that we’re enjoying good patronage as before.

And to worsen the whole thing, you still see new entrants per day and most of them are married women with four or five children to take care of. If nothing changes before the end of the year, I will go back to Anambra, my home state to start a new trade.



I am 28 years old. I hail from Akwa Ibom. I joined prostitution in 2012. I am still single and not searching at the moment. I came into the business in 2013. It’s was booming then, but now things have gone down drastically, especially with the poor economy. Most of us just come here now to while away time.

We keep wondering around, moving from one club to another, yet you may not get one customer per night. As I am now, I have not eaten anything this evening, let alone drink anything. Men don’t even dash us money like before.

Now,, I am yet to pay my rent, my landlord is not taking it easy with me. And coming here also, men are just complaining of harsh times. I am fed up with the job. And very soon, police may come and start raiding us. You still have to settle them for you not be in the cell till the day break. Everything is just complicated now.



It’s not easy being a runs girl at the moment. Most of us here are just lamenting now because of low patronage unless for the few of us that have permanent customers. Even at that, those we refer to as permanent customers at times sleep with us and leave us empty handed. They will only promise to selttle us later which they may not fulfill.

I don’t make money any more. I can’t even remember the last time I was paid as much as N7,000 till day break. The price is ridiculous now because of the situation in the country. Per a round of sex, no one is willing to pay more than N2,000.



This trade is not enjoyable any more. Men are behaving funny now. Most of them will only collect your phone number after touching your bombom and breast, and promise to call you the next day. Majority of them will never call you. I even thought you wanted to patronize me, that’s why I give you audience.

I don’t have time for this kind of talk, please. I need money. If you can’t do, find me your friend who can do and is ready to pay. I have been here for about two hours, no one called me even for short time. So, you can see how things are now. We’re just here roasting. I live in Egbeda, to get back home tomorrow morning now I a big problem for me if no man patronize me this evening.



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