Days after the abduction of 230 school girls at the Federal Government Colleg, Chibok, Borno State by the extremist Islamic sect, Boko Haram, about 190 of them are still being held in captivity by the insurgents.

Expectedly, Nigerians from all walks of life have risen to unison to condemn the wickedness meted out to the innocent children.

Many who barred their mind on the issue are pleading with Boko Haram to free the girls, while urging authorities to use all in their powers to ensure their safety and release.  



‘It is so nonsensical’ -NZUBE CHUKWU 

It is so nonsensical and I believe Nigerians should come out in protest against such evil act. It is simple. The state and federal government should provide community surveillance in all parts of the country.


 ‘It is disheartening’ – FELIX OWOTALE

I feel very bad and it is disheartening that this is what Nigeria has turned out to be. I think not only the federal government should provide adequate security but the state governments too.


‘I feel for those poor girls’  -TOPE AMOO

I feel terrible about the kidnapping of innocent girls whose only offence is going to school. I feel for those poor girls because I can imagine what those savages would have been doing to them.

I think the federal government should swallow its pride and seek help from the West. The US and other allies will have appropriate scanners and equipment to locate the terrorists in the forest.


 ‘I am saddened’ -KINGSLEY IDIDONG

I am saddened by the unfortunate and cowardly act of these terrorists. A collective approach is needed. Governments at all levels need to cooperate to overcome Boko Haram. They are not ghosts, they are humans. We need to take it more seriously. If we need to withdraw our troops from peace-keeping missions, so be it.


 ‘It is highly condemnable and wicked’ -MRS. HAFSAT FADIPE

As a concerned mother, it is highly condemnable and wicked. Government should first consider those children as their own, it could happen to them too. So, with that approach, there should be concerted effort channelled towards freeing those children from their captors.

There is law in the land, whoever is found guilty of committing a crime should be punished. Those behind this act should be fished out and punished.


‘Government should relocate to Borno’ -MRS. IYABODE ODEJOBI

It is criminal and wicked. Government should suspend whatever is diverting their attention and relocate to Borno. They should make sure the girls are freed before coming back to Abuja. Whoever is behind this should face the music. Imagine the trauma parents of those girls would have gone through in the last few days.


‘It is puzzling’ – GBEMI ONIRU

It is hard to believe that Boko Haram have lost touch with humanity. Imagine kidnapping innocent school girls. What do they plan to do with them? Marry them? It is puzzling. The government should apply caution in the search for the girls.


‘Government should seek international help’ -EMMANUELLA OBOH

I am trying to put myself in the position of those mothers who their daughters have been abducted. If I were them, I can’t bear the thought, I would probably just go into that forest and search for my baby girl. The government should seek international help in search of those girls.


‘Declare a total state of emergency’ -GBENGA SHABABI

It is very sad. More so, we all know these insurgents don’t have anything good to offer those girls than rape, molest and abuse them. Declare a total state of emergency. Let soldiers take over those states. If they are found, it should be capital punishment. Let it serve as deterrent to others.


‘The innocent suffer the most’ -SHOLA OLANIYI

It is another pathetic case we are facing in Nigeria. It is so sad that it is the innocent that suffer the most. They need to tighten security in Borno State before Boko Haram wipes out the whole state. Capital punishment both for the sponsors and Boko Haram members. They should kill them gradually, torture them well before they kill them.


‘The height of wickedness’  -M-KAZE

This is strange and something should be done about it. The abduction of over 200 girls in Chibok, Borno State is the height of wickedness and we all must rise up and condemn it. I think the military and other security services must join hand in a search-and-rescue operation for the sake of these innocent girls.

It is also important to call on all Nigerians to cooperate with government and security agents to flush out insurgents from our land.


‘Let us pray that no harm comes their way’ -FRANK DE NERO

Enough of these killings and abductions. Enough of waste of lives and property. They should please free our daughters. Let us pray that no harm comes their way. The blood of these angels must not be spilled. The Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and his Service Chiefs must act now.


‘The government is not doing well at all’  -ISAAC ADELOWO

It’s a very sad occurrence. It’s a signal to everyone that nowhere is safe again. I think by now, those in government should have learnt their lessons. We shouldn’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to security of lives and property.

Left to me, the government is not doing well at all. A lot still have to be done in terms of security. We’re paying lip service to what matters most. We’re only concentrating on trivial issues. Nigeria is tilting towards total disintegration, and something has to be done urgently to avoid a total collapse.


‘It’s a heartless attack on the innocent girls’ -SAIDI BALOGUN

It’s a heartless attack on the innocent girls. It’s a barbaric and ignoble act on the part of Boko Haram sect. The government and the general public should revolt against it and fight this senseless thing to a standstill. The government is not doing enough, there is need to do more and act fast.


‘I am still in shock’ -VICTORIA FATUNDE

As a woman and mother, I won’t deceive you, I am still in shock. Nobody knows the whereabouts of these innocent school girls, let alone the condition they are. It’s a very sad occurrence in a country where we have law and order.

I think the government should restrict the military to the use of intelligence gathering alone to get those people arrested. They shouldn’t engage in the use of force because in the process, those girls may end up being victims of cross fire.  The perpetrators of the heinous act should be prosecuted according to their levels of involvement in the crime.

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