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Pruning of ministries to 25: Nigerians laud Buhari’s initiative

In spite of criticisms from certain political quarters in the country, President Muhammadu Buhari has finally carried out his plan to reduce the usual 36 ministries to 25. This, he said, was necessitated by the poor economic status of the country.

However, a lot of Nigerians have been commending the initiative. Those ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke  to on this also agreed that the idea will cut cost of governance.


‘He is walking the talk’ – sophia Agwaonye

The pruning of the ministries by the president is commendable, he is walking the talk. What I find baffling, however, is some of the ministries that were merged are unrelated. Despite that, I have high expectations from the likes of Fashola. They should just get to work and let’s see what they’ve got to offer, too much time has been wasted.


‘I am pretty confident that he’ll perform creditably’ – Bright Ade Balogun

I am particularly glad about the fact that Fashola got some key ministries. Not only that, it is like all the work is on him. I am pretty confident that he’ll perform creditably. Because he’s a serious minded individual, his work in Lagos is proof of that.

I expect to see some sanity and decency in the way they carry out their activities, apart from performance, of course. I don’t expect much from some of them, to be honest. I see some of the appointments as a way of compensating them for their contribution during the campaign. Yes, I would say it is a nice move by the president, we have been complaining all along about an oversized government, this is a step in the right direction.


‘It has its advantages and disadvantages’ – Kemi Olamide

It has its advantages and disadvantages. It would reduce mismanagement of funds. The disadvantage is that, people lose their jobs.


‘I believe he would do a great job’ – Kehinde Taiwo

Concerning Fashola’s ministry, I believe he would do a great job because all his good deeds as Lagos State governor are there for all to see. He will do a perfect job.


‘Fashola is a goal-getter’ – Adeoti Adeyemi

Since it is for economic purpose, it is okay but will they be able to operate efficiently as they are supposed to. Fashola is a go-getter so, I believe he will perform, same with the other ministers. I believe the Presidency and Senate saw certain potentials in them to be explored.


‘I think it is a good innovation’ – Adewale Adekunle

I think it is a good innovation. Merging some of the ministries is a good way to save Nigeria’s funds. I expect the very best from them and also expect them to put themselves in the shoes of the masses so that they can know how to handle or solve our problems.


‘Buhari is in order by reducing the number of ministries’ – Kayode Salako

Muslims will say it doesn’t matter the number of teeth you have, once they can be used to break the bones. So, it doesn’t matter how many ministries Nigeria has. What matters is how effective these ministries can be to solve the critical problems of insecurity, poverty, frustration and under development in Nigeria. What Buhari has done is purely administrative restructuring of the cost of running government ministries in Nigeria.

He has promised a cost effective governance and that is what he has done. It is an effort to cut cost and save money for other needs of the people of Nigeria. Why running expenses to maintain three ministers when one Fashola is capable of doing it. Why dividing our transportation ministries into pieces and give it many ministers, when one experienced and mentally vibrant Amaechi or Fayemi can handle it.

That is the issue. Jonathan’s government wasted a lot resources running a very bogus government which was also corrupt in every regard. However, the mood of the nation right now economically, does not permit another prodigal administration. I have always said it that this is a grandfather and an area pastor cum university professor governance. Therefore, there is no extravagant spending of the resources of Nigeria. Grand fathers are the best managers of resources and area pastors are not expected to steal from the resources of the people. Buhari is in order by reducing the number of ministries.

Some of the key people he has appointed to run those ministries were former governors who ran their states sophisticatedly and successfully in the recent past. So, if they can run states, why can’t they run federal ministries successfully? Buhari is saving cost of governance and that is part of the change Nigerians have chosen for themselves.

The ministers must immediately swing into action. Work to recover Nigeria from bad governance, image and frustration must begin without further delay. And one thing I am very happy about is the calibre of people that have been chosen by Mr. President to run these ministries. They are leadership personalities I am quite satisfied with them. They are the people who know where the shoes of Nigeria’s economic woes pinch. They are the real architects of the change revolution. These are people who really know what the contents of the change agenda is about and how to effectively run it for the benefit of Nigeria and Nigerians. They are highly competent; credible and experienced.

The first that must happen in those ministries is the institutional reforms of anything that is reformable to correct the wrongs of the wasted past, and the template for the right standards for good governance must be created to work for the effective running of those ministries.

Standards must be set; platforms must be created; reforms must be carried out and the right passion as well as resolutions must be built by the ministers to provide dividends of the change agenda in those ministries. However, my only charge to them is to do all they can to change Nigeria for the better as their party has promised. Nigerians now want to see constant power supply; sustainable security, good roads; affordable and effective transport system and accessible houses; good paying jobs, etcetra. Nigerians want petrol to be cheap and available. They want a Nigerian environment they can be proud of and quality of life that is assuring and enduring.

They want to have access to justice, equity and fairness from their law enforcement agencies and the judicial system. Nigerians want good and rewarding social welfare benefits system that can help to sustain their lives. And generally, responsible and disciplined leadership and governance that has conscience and compassion for the people. Nigerians have suffered so much in the hands of their leaders and so this time, they expect this government of change to alleviate their sufferings.

Nigerians deserve a lot, but it won’t still be by miracles. It is going to be an effort every Nigerian must be involved and buy into. What Buhari has done is to hand over the rapid development of Nigeria to the likes of Fashola, Ameachi and Fayemi etc. And if at the end of the day these fantastic guys still won’t be able to fix Nigeria, then Nigeria is in trouble.

But I believe they will. It is now a new dawn for the rule of law, order and what is right in Nigeria and for Nigeria’s growth, progress and development.


‘I think he is trying to reduce unnecessary expenditure’ – Victor Oladapo

I think he is trying to reduce unnecessary expenditure on the part of the government. Once the ministries merged can function well, it is okay.

About the ministry of labour, petroleum and Fashola’s ministries. The President appointed all those people based on help rendered to him while seeking power. I don’t think they will perform well.


‘It will reduce corruption’ – Gideon Oyawole

It is not a bad idea. It will reduce corruption. The country has saved money by doing that, at least the funds they are supposed to use for the merged ministries would be diverted elsewhere .

I want the Ministry of Labour and Employment to look into how they can revive the industries that have shut down. He should provide employment for Nigerians.

Fashola should not demolish houses in the name of being effective. The President should ensure there is petrol for his people. He should stop fuel subsidy.


‘What he did was in line with the economic situation of the country’ – Tunde Awoniyi

I agree totally with Buhari’s initiative of reducing the number of ministers from 36 to 25. I think what he did was in line with the economic situation of the country. Doing that, he has already cut the cost of running his government.

The idea the previous administration didn’t realize its necessity. Also, I believe in all the names and the portfolios assigned them. And I charge all of them to be steadfast in their respective duties as ministers of Federal Republic of Nigeria and not business as usual.

I have preference for ministries for now, and these are power, labour and employment, petroleum and transportation. I believe strongly that Buhari had put round pegs in round holes with those in charge of the aforementioned ministries. We only need to pray for their success. I believe we will all laugh at last.

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