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PZ Cussons Baby Moments Competition mess -Winner’s mom shows up with fake husband

‘It feels terrible to be impersonated’ -OLUYINKA DAVIES, father

It was a day of jollification for the family of Oluyinka Davids on Sunday, February 1, 2015, as their daughter, Morireoluwa Modesire Davids, brought them fame and fortune when she emerged the winner of this year’s edition of the Cussons Baby Moments competition.

Morireoluwa came top to beat 298 other contestants including Caleb Adeeji and Olajide Alufa to second and third place respectively.

The competition was co-sponsored by Kenyan Airways, which would be providing the airline tickets for the winning family. However, things turned sour when the winner’s mother, Funmi Davids brought in a man to impersonate her baby’s father.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with the baby’s father, the mother, the impersonator and PZ Industries about the whole issue…

Oluyinka Davies and family

Oluyinka Davies and family

How do you feel that your baby won Cusson’s Baby Moment competition?

It feels really great. I’m so proud of her. She’s a gift to humanity and I know her future is secured in God.

We learnt that you were represented by another man, what happened?

Impersonation! Yes, that’s what it is and it’s punishable under the law. I had a misunderstanding with my wife so she probably thought she could get at me by taking someone else along as the father of my child; not realizing the consequences.

I blame PZ! Why? Because they claimed she told them she was having a misunderstanding with the father of the baby and when eventually someone showed up, they didn’t confirm before they addressed him as Mr. Oluyinka Davids as published in The Nation Newspaper  February 9, 2015.

Did you know about the contest from the beginning?

Yes! I started it all; got her registered, got her professional photographer, personally worked and also employed a PR person who worked tirelessly for her on the contest. I knew she would win. I often told her so, I sometimes even rehearsed how she would be announced the winner. And yes, she did win, all the glory to God.

Were you notified when your baby won the contest?

No. I was never notified; my wife shut me out completely from the whole thing; we used her email address when we registered our baby because I am always busy. On the grand finale, it was a friend in the media (who attended the ceremony) that called to congratulate me and I was wondering for what. He said my baby won the competition. It was a mixed feeling. On one side, I felt really happy and proud. But on the other side, I felt so bad that such a thing happened and I wasn’t present because the mother of my baby decided to shut me out probably to get at me.

Is there any lingering issue between you and your wife that did not make her contact you?

We had a serious misunderstanding which led to a temporary separation, but I never ignored or denied the fact that the baby she’s carrying is my daughter. I am still responsible for her upkeep even till now! She called me, “Your daughter, Morireoluwa Davids” like she said, needed a two minute video for the next stage of the competition, that was when I knew she made it to the third stage. And I was like, so because she needs a video and her father is a cinematographer that’s why I am getting to know my baby had gone this far in a competition I registered her. Meanwhile, shortly before this, during my daughter’s first birthday, I ordered a big customized cake and clothes/toys gifts for her. She turned down the person I sent to deliver the stuff. I was embarrassed and deeply hurt. She was so rude and mannerless. She said so many things to me, I still have some of her messages saved. So, I told her nicely to go get the video done elsewhere for our baby because she only had to tell me because some of my staff she asked without my permission turned her down.

You were impersonated, how do you feel about that?

It feels terrible to be impersonated. Especially because I know the guy; his real name is Dehinde Olayokun. He is married to Boluwatife Olayiwola Olayokun who happens to be my wife’s youngest sister. She and her immediate elder brother, Dayo Olayiwola, with some boys, had harassed and beaten me up in my house which is one of the reasons my wife and I are having a misunderstanding.

What legal actions are you taking against Cussons (PZ), your wife and the impersonator?

My legal personnel is busy working on it, they’ll all get their share of the cake in due time. The law will take its course.

Can’t this issue be resolved amicably?

Why not? My wife is a very strong headed and stubborn person. She’s not wise enough to sieve the kind of advice she listens and reacts to from people who have no record of good home and reputation. If she swallows her pride and seeks peace, it’ll be settled amicably.

Won’t all these issues affect the upbringing of the baby?

It definitely will and that is quite sad. I wish her mother can realize that and turn a new leaf. Family is about sacrifice, sacrifice for your husband, child(ren), wife and to keep everybody happy. A good wife should be submissive and respect her husband, this way they’ll get endless love in return.

What is Cussons (PZ) saying about this issue?

Cussons (PZ) are saying they don’t want to be part of this; they view it strictly as a domestic issue and feel it should be settled within the couple or they’ll consider the first runner up for the grand prize.

‘If you ever call my number again, you will regret your life’ -FUNMI OLAYINKA DAVIDS, mother

IMG_4630How do you feel that your baby won Cussons Baby Moments competition?

We feel very elated and grateful to God. I never had the premonition that my baby, Morireoluwa Davids would make it to the top 10 all through to top 3 till she emerged winner of Cussons Baby Moments Season 3. I would say I am proud of her.

What prize was attached to it?

It is an all-expense paid trip to somewhere Cussons has not named yet.

How does your husband feel about it?

All I know is that everyone was excited that my baby won the contest. People have been calling to congratulate us including those that watched the programme and those that voted. I do not know about bad belles. So, I am sure her father too would be proud of her.

Are you trying to say that he was not present at the event where his baby won?

I do not know what you are driving at, but I am no longer comfortable with this interview.

Mrs. Funmi Davids, however, threatened ENCOMIUM Weekly reporter saying, “It is better you sleep around than the cheap job you think you are doing.”

She further threatened that we will regret it if we ever call her number again.

Dehinde Olayokun and family

Dehinde Olayokun and family

“If you ever call my number again, you will regret your life.” And she hung up the phone.

ENCOMIUM Weekly also spoke to the impersonator, Mr. Dehinde Olayokun who denied being Mr. Olayinka Davids. He said, “The father of the said child, Morireoluwa Davids is not available at the moment to pick your call.”

ENCOMIUM Weekly further contacted PZ about the story through their Brand Manager, Cussons Baby, Seun Ayeni. Here is her response, “I am not at liberty to say anything. We have spoken to the lawyer of the biological father of the baby, Mr. Oluyinka Davids and we do not want to get involved in their domestic issues. Our lawyer is already handling the issue and we are okay with that.”




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