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Racist Chinese detergent commercial irks the world

A detergent commercial where a black suitor was shoved into a washing machine and emerges as an Asian is the subject of umbrage among decent citizens across the world.


The commercial which started airing on Chinese television this month captures the obsession with white skin.

Here is the commercial trending for the wrong reasons…

  • Ela Z4 : I blame the black guy to participate in such disgrace commercial coz his cheap ass is willing to put down his identity for some cash
  • Sara’s Mom3: What do u expect? Its a Chinese Ad! Not a strange thing from Chinese.
  • Zeus the Zeta10 : That guy in the video is what’s known as a chigger.
  • J Abroks2: At least the black guy has both eyes fully opened…lol
  • Cheok CG: Reaction of Black People : “wow this is racist”, Reaction of White People ; “Wow this is racist,but its so funny”, Reaction of Asian People : “OK”
  • nazirdjon6: Also, a subliminal message denouncing interratial marriages
  • CCD5669: This commercial is RACIST, there no one single white person in this video!!!
  • trigolis4: I guess now blacks know what it’s like when Chris Rock ridiculed Asians at the Academy Awards. Everyone is a bit racist.  Oh well!
  • jayasreedas, kolkata: It is really a racist commercial.
  • Bstarx: This is appalling! So very racist. I’m surprised they were allowed to go ahead and make this
  • Ajeet: That Chinese guy pretty much looks like a girl.




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