Randy Falomo students face long years of remand


The five randy students of Ireti Grammar School, Falomo (Ikoyi, Lagos), accused of attempting to rape two female students of Falomo Senior High School on Wednesday, May 3, 2017, will face a long time in detention at a juvenile institution if convicted.


They have already been remanded at Borstal Institution, Idigbe, Ogun state, following their arraignment before a juvenile court in Igbosere, Lagos, on Thursday, May 11.

They are being tried for unlawful assembly, breach of the peace, gross indecency and wilful damage.

Under the Criminal Code, Law of Lagos 2015, they are facing a four count charge under sections 412, 44 (1), 134 (3) and 35.

After the case was mentioned, the magistrate, however, granted them bail of N500,000 with two sureties in like sum.

The other student who is over 18 was not arraigned with the minors. He may be tried in a regular court.


Here the details of the sections under which they are being tried:


Section 412: Conspiracy to commit other offence

Any person who conspires with another to commit any offence in the State which is not a felony, or to do any act outside the State which if done in the State would be an offence but not a felony, and which is an offence under the Laws in force in the place where it is proposed to be done, commits a misdemeanour and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for two (2) years.


Section 44: Unlawful assembly

(1)        When two (2) or more persons, with intent to carry out some common purpose, assembly in such a manner or, being assembled, conduct themselves in such a manner, as to cause persons in the neighbourhood to fear on reasonable grounds that the persons so assembled will disturb the peace, or will by such assembly provoke other persons to disturb the peace, they are an unlawful assembly.

(2)        For the purpose of subsection 1) of this section it is immaterial that the original assembling was lawful if, being assembled, they conduct themselves with  a common purpose in the manner stated in subsection 1) of this section.

(3)        An assembly of two (2) or more persons for the purpose of protecting any building or persons inside the building is not an unlawful assembly.

(4)        Any person who takes part in an unlawful assembly is guilty of a misdemeanour, and is liable conviction to imprisonment for one (1) year.


Section 134:  Indecent acts

Any person who willfully –

(a)        Without lawful excuse does any indecent act in any public place; or

(b)        Does ay indecent act in any place with intent to insult or offend any person commits a misdemeanour and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for two (2) years.


And section 35: Unlawful oaths to commit capital offence

Any person who –

(1)        administers, or is present at and consents to the administering of, any oath, or engagement in the nature of an oath, purporting to bind the person who takes it to commit any offence punishable with death; or

(2)        takes any such oath or engagement, not being compelled to do so, or

(3)        attempts to induce any person to take any such oath or engagement; commits a felony, and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for life.



The suspects, students of  Ireti Grammar School, on Wednesday, May 3, allegedly chased students of Falomo Senior High School around Ikoyi area, shredded their skirts with pairs of scissors and attempted to rape two of them… Until Mrs. Michale Matthew saved the day, along with some men who had earlier just stood by.

Her Facebook post of the incident was alarming:


The Lagos State government intervened in the matter with the deputy governor, Alhaja Idiat Adebule promising justice.

The Commissioner of Police, Lagos Command, ACP Fatai Owoseni, later briefed the press about the arrest of the students and their arraignment on Thursday, May 11, 2017.

The attempted rape by minors enraged and shocked Nigerians when the story broke on Wednesday, May 3. And legions spoke on getting justice as a deterrent.



Here are the games final year students play on last day of school

Final year students, excited about finishing secondary school and being free for many months awaiting their results, engage in unusual practises… with none near the crime of those Ireti Grammar School, Falomo (Ikoyi) students allegedly attempted in broad daylight on Wednesday, May 3, 2017.


Here are some of the acceptable escapades:


* Prom night.

Students in their  best dinner fineries, tuxedo to ball gowns, patent leather to glittering high heeled shoes, are treated to a classy party.

Male and female students are paired, with the young lad treating his lass with utmost courtesy and attending to her every whim.

Apart from picking his partner up at home to the prom venue, both spend the evening with other classmates dancing and merry making.

There are usually photo sessions thereafter.


*  Uniform plastered with signatures.

Each student’s uniform is signed by classmates with names legible in colourful inks and kept as a memento.


*  Some public schools’ students shred uniforms.

In the euphoria of not coming back to school, students shred each other’s uniform.

This practise was encouraged so that students won’t turn their uniforms into everyday wear. Some bus conductors and manual labourers have been seen in some school uniforms.


*  Slum book

Some students keep a journal where their classmates are encouraged to list very personal experiences and information.

The questions are to familiarise the owner of the slum book with his classmates, understand and know them better.


* Exchange of personal information on phones and tablets.

Those who are not friends on Facebook or follow one another on other social media platforms do so.

They can keep in touch and follow each other’s progress.

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