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Rashidi Yekini’s Mother wins N2 million on ‘Who Deserves To Be A Millionaire’

Flanked by the duo of Pa Dejumo Lewis and Binta Ayo Mogaji-Oduleye in the hot seat of the popular TV show during its recent annual special edition tagged, Who Deserves To Be A Millionaire? Hajia Sikirat Akanke Yekini (mother of the late Super Eagles’ striker – Rashidi Yekini) won N2 million. ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her about it.


Congratulations, Mama

Thank you very much. I thank everyone. May you live long.

What can you say about being on this programme?

Hmmh! This has simply revealed to me that God exists. Also, I am getting to realize that there are still some good people in our midst. Everything is still like a dream to me.

How do you mean, mama?

Ah! Thank you. When the representative of this company contacted me that he would be coming to visit me‎, all the way from Lagos, and that I should consider him as one of my sons, I could not believe it. He said they wanted to celebrate with me and reward me.He now said something that touched my heart: “we want to do part of what Rashidi would have further done for you if he had been around”. Honestly, I was touched.

But did you believe him?

Listen to me! How would I believe him when several people had called me like that before him and I never saw them. It is only some fabricated stories people would begin to tell me they read about me after I would have spoken to them. You know I cannot read. But immediately I saw this gentleman, clean young man, he greeted me very well and asked that my children should join us, it was as if he had known us before. He told us his mission. He did not talk too much. My people, the rest is history today. Alhamdulillah!

How are you feeling now?

Are you asking again? Don’t I look fresher? They transported me down here with my children-Hakeem and Simiat. They put us in the hotel, and have been feeding us. They even bought drugs for me. Look, whoever that says there’s no God is not fit to live. If this is a dream, it is a good one, in a nice sleep. There is God…and there are people. Good people. People with good heart.

What do you plan to spend your winnings on?

(Smiles). I am an old woman. What again would I spend on than food and medication? Let me tell you, the essence of events like this in human life cannot be quantified! It gives longevity. That is the feeling I am having now. I am going to live longer. I have just seen life, yet again in another perspective. Also, maybe I should tell you that the organizers have assured me of their guidance to enable me spend the money meaningfully.

Any words for the organizers?

You mean like appreciation? What more do I say? Let God just express gratitude to them on behalf of us (my family and I).May the organizers be blessed with all their generations. May all their endeavours be meeting with God’s ‎favour. These two people that we see on television (Dejumo Lewis and Binta Ayo Mogaji) whom they have arranged to play for me shall never suffer. They will live long. Look! God exists, I am telling you. Please, accept with me.


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