RCCG ends 100 day fast with pomp

-Pastor Adeboye anticipates 100 fold testimonies

It was celebration all the way for members of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, as the 100-day fasting and prayer came to conclusion on Friday, April 11, 2014. The fasting started on Thursday, January 2, 2014.

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye declared that all parishes of the ministry should observe a thanksgiving service to appreciate God for the successful completion of the spiritual exercise.  Following this directive, many parishes observed it in many ways, ranging from week-long evening crusade to vigil.

While the 100-day fast was on, the most respected man of God gave consideration and exception to some faithful.  According to him, “Pregnant women could observe the fast with discretion and directives from their doctors.  Also, elders above 70 could break by 12 noon or could only join in the prayers.”

He added that, “For a fasting that will take a long time like this, participants can take water in between the hour of fast.”

What many found amazing is the type of fast whereby you abstain from food for 10 days which equals 30 days of normal fast.  Moreso, Daddy G.O advised that anyone who missed a day of fast should make up with additional two days.  During the period, Pastor Adeboye observed a solemn assembly with his close aides where they prayed and shared the word of God.  Occasionally, they had the privilege to break the fast with him.

Many faithful received this as a surprise, compared to the usual practice of 30 days in the years past.  But Pastor Adeboye emphasized the importance of the fasting.  According to him, “God revealed that the year will be full of challenges and as such, the church must rise up with intensive prayers and fasting.  The last time the church fasted for 100 days was 18 years ago and many of the people that participated can tell the good story today.”

Though there was no special service at the Arena in the Redemption Camp on Friday, April 11, 2014, to mark the celebration, Encomium Weekly was reliably informed that some members gathered at the Youth Centre, within the Camp for an evening service. Though Pastor Adeboye was not in attendance, he was dully represented by some youth pastors and elders. Notable among them was Pastor Odesola, the Special Assistant to General Overseer on Admin and Personnel. The National Praise Team also thrilled with Celebration of Victory as the topic of the sermon.

In his speech at the end of the fast, Pastor Adeboye charged the members: “I pray the almighty God will reward you richly for the sacrifice you have made during this 100 days fast. I now pray for you that beginning from now, your blessing will be multiplied in 100 folds; your success will multiply in 100 folds, your promotion will be multiplied in 100 folds. You will move from glory to glory. Your joy will overflow. The Almighty God will bless you so mightily and I’m sure you will all call on me by the end of this year to say can we have another 100 days fast? And I will ask from the Lord, if He says we should go ahead, we will go ahead. I am expecting your 100 fold testimonies.”

Many parishes of The Redeemed Church, extended the celebration till Sunday, April 13, 2014.  A number of faithful spiced up the day by providing refreshment aside the thanksgiving service.


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