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RCCG members excited over ban of ‘aso ebi’

Following the ban of forced ‘Aso ebi’ outfit by the wife of the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Folu Adeboye, members of the church spoke with welcomed the new development with some exception.

Mrs. Adeboye on Saturday, August 12, 2017, at the women’s meeting, as part of the activities of the 65th annual convention of the church themed “Halleluyah” stated that forcing members of the church to engage in ‘Aso ebi’ during special programmes in local assemblies was ungodly. This came after some members of the church without financial power to buy such uniforms were excluded from some church functions.



My Mummy GO is highly spiritual so whatever comes out of her mouth I believe her without doubt. She stopping the Aso ebi’ in the church is not a bad idea, she is doing it for our good. Those wagging their tongues should better be careful.



Well, as a matter of fact, I cannot say it’s a bad idea but ‘Aso ebi’ is good to some extent. As it is said, give honour to whom honour is due. I have respect for our mother in Israel, so we just need to adjust and adhere to the latest instruction.



Personally, I don’t buy the idea, this is because ‘Aso ebi’ makes an event look well organized and as such without it, the event either wedding or naming ceremony will no longer be in good shape without ‘Aso ebi’.



I think she placed that order for the benefit of all. This is because in some events people are not allowed to participate without the compulsory uniforms and it is alarming. I concur with my Mummy, ‘Aso ebi’ should be scrapped out and should not be limited to only Redeemed Christian Church of God but to Nigeria as a whole.



‘Aso ebi’ has really disrupted so many activities in the church. I acknowledged the fact that Mummy GO has addressed the issue at last. The high and the mighty in the church tends to carry it on their heads as if we are not all equal.



I think ‘Aso ebi’ has no important role to play in the church, it is just as how of uniformity. I really appreciate our Mother in Israel for this gesture, at least some people’s wings are cut down to some level that they would not show themselves anymore.






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