Knocks and kudos for FG’s town hall meeting

The first edition of the town hall meeting organized by the federal government has generated a lot of controversies from the public. The meeting which is expected to hold in the six geo-political zones of the nation and two other cities (Abuja and Kano) had its first edition in Lagos state on Monday, March 25, 2016. It was organized in order for the federal government to address the public on how things are going and the plans of the government for the masses.

The meeting had in attendance six ministers who spoke extensively on the activities in the ministries they head. At the meeting were Information Minister, Mr. Lai Mohammed, Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr. ibe Kachikwu, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Dr. Okechukwu Enelamah and Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Amaechi.

ENCOMIUM Weekly brings you Nigerian’s reactions toward the town hall meeting in these interviews…



The meeting has further opened my eyes. Now, I know the government has not forsaken us, they actually feel our pain. Though, I didn’t watch the meeting live, I saw the highlight in the news and I saw the way the ministers of power, transport, petroleum were begging Nigerians to give them more time to get things fixed.  I was actually impressed, if they can be addressing us like this people will stop complaining.



The promises are not enough, they should let us have a feel of what they are saying. They did by organizing the town hall meeting, by that, we know they’ve not forgotten us. We know they have our interest at heart.



The town hall meeting is a good development, it shows the level of responsibility in them. They owe us that, they have to report back to us to carry us along in whatever that is going on in our country, Not only when things are tough like this, but when things are rosy also. I applaud the town hall meeting and also cherish the ministers’ courage to address the public in a town hall meeting at this very moment. It’s a job well done.



I would have appreciated it more if only they were able to give us a stipulated time for all these. It’s still the same thing they are repeating, that things will come back to normal very soon and that we should bear with them. I mean, when is this very soon thing going to end? We can’t continue like this. They should do something fast.



The meeting has given so many of us relief. At least, we now know that something is being done to bring the nation out of this mess. Though it’s not like everything will get back to normal this week, we are relieved that they will very soon.



How are we sure they are not empty promises after all. The meeting doesn’t make a difference to me because no new things were discussed throughout. It is still the same old story, so why will I applaud it? They should stop telling us stories and get down to work.



I like the idea of the town hall meeting held by the ministers but I will also beg them to please if not all, they should try and do something about the issue of fuel scarcity in the nation. It’s killing us. Kachikwu should please do something very fast.



I want to believe that something is being done as the ministers have said and I pray God help them to find a lasting solution to the problems facing this country. Nigerians are suffering and we are so tired, just that there is nowhere we can go to.



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