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Reactions trail Oba Akiolu’s assertion on history of Lagos

Reactions have started trailing Lagos monarch, Oba Riliwan Akiolu’s view on the creation of Lagos/Eko. The history which the Oba posted online earlier this week was met with fury and insults from the public, especially the Yoruba race.
The monarch in his post stated that the city of Lagos was founded and named by the prince of Benin known as Ado. According to him, the early settlers of Eko are the Binis  and the Aworis. The Aworis  were said to be found in Ile-Ife having followed their self exiled prince, Izoduwa (known to the Yoruba as Oduduwa).
He proceeded by saying that the Binis  were not treated well by the Awori then, and the then king of Benin empire heard this from one of his traders who was a settler in Eko and he immediately ordered his son, Prince Ado to go and rescue his people.
Prince Ado had arrived with his army in Eko to be received warmly by the Aworis. He was then asked to be the leader which he agreed to on the condition that they (Aworis) surrender their sovereignty to the Oba of Benin which they accepted. It was, however, Prince Ado, the first king of Eko that named the city Eko.
As interesting as the history might seem, it wasn’t welcomed by the readers as they insulted the monarch. While some said that he posted the history because of the alleged feud between him and the Ooni of Ile-Ife, others only see it as a way of causing mayhem among the Yorubas. More than enough insults were thrown at the post.

Below are some of the comments made by angry readers of the post.

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