Reactions trail one week holiday extension for school children

The lingering fuel scarcity in the country which has taken its toll on commercial and social activities in Nigeria has forced most schools in the nation which are expected to resume for another term today (April 11, 2016) to reverse their decisions thereby extending their resumption date by a week. 

Parents and guardians in this interview with share their views on the development:


Mr. Raliat Babjide
I don’t see a need for this at all because it’s not as if the fuel scarcity would end before next week Monday, so why the one week extension? It’s just like a waste of time.

Mr. Aliu
I think it’s a welcome development since the Petroleum Minister said that the issue of fuel scarcity would come to an end before the end of the second week of April. Let’s just hope things will get better before they finally resume next week.

Mrs. Olaogun
Not all schools observed that. My children have gone to school because I didn’t receive such message from their school. So, there is no point delaying them. But on a natural ground, I think it would have been a good decision if only the lingering fuel scarcity would end before the one week expires.

Mr. Bamisile Oluyemisi
For me, it’s good. At least to save the children the stress of having to stay in traffic for hours pending the time fuel scarcity will be over, which we hope will be soon.

Kolawole Aishat
I think the schools have made the right decision. The children should stay at home pending the time fuel scarcity will subside. We just pray it will end soon because the children won’t have to stay at home for months, they just have to be in school.
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