Real victims of Ronke Shonde’s death are the children

– and 3 ways they can live a fulfilling future

The real victims in the tragedy that claimed the life of Ronke Shonde, the 37 year old human resources manager of a publishing company, allegedly murdered by her husband of 8 years, Lekan, 51, are the children. The two children, four and six, are going to endure very harrowing futures unless several steps are taken by the government and concerned agencies.

Their mother has passed on and father faces a long incarceration, two years of trial in court, at the first instance. And many more years, if he escapes the hangman’s noose… Unless of course if he is pronounced innocent at the end of the case.

Whatever happens, the couple’s son and daughter are faced with an uncertain future. They have a great grandmother, grandmother and aunt on the side of the Bewajis, Lekan’s in laws. On their father’s side, there is a grandfather, but other paternal relatives are not known yet.

Meanwhile, their future demands serious intervention, if they are to survive well the stigma the tragedy will unfold.

Here are 3 ways that can guarantee a better future for the Shonde siblings…


  1. Psychologists, psycho-analysts and care givers

versed in the nurturing of hurting children should step in immediately.

What has happened cannot be simplified in anyway. Especially since they were with the corpse of their mum for hours on Friday, May 6, until their nanny and neighbours came. They witnessed the hoopla.

So, an assessment of what they know already should be made, and the next steps determined by psychologists, psycho-analysts and care givers.

Family members are not equipped to do it.


  1. They should be sheltered, ferried out of the areas where the issue is discussed.

The children have to be sheltered and live in a place far away from any city or metropolis where the tragedy is known. They have to be away from the hub where newspapers or the internet are readily available with people discussing the issue.

They should be shielded.


  1. They should be adopted by a loving family with their surname changed.

How do people cope with the knowledge that their mother was allegedly killed by their father who may spend a long time in prison? It is a difficult scenario.

The best thing is for these children to be adopted by a loving family that will provide both emotional and financial support, who will raise them as their own.



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