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Rear Admiral Daniel Ikoli earned N1.3 m monthly, had illustrious career and nice accommodation

Rear Admiral Teikumo Daniel Ikoli – who was found dead in his bedroom in Apapa (Lagos) on Wednesday, April 5 – earned over N1.3 million monthly, had an illustrious career and lived in a good accommodation.

Those who doubt that the two-star General killed himself are calling for thorough investigation as he was a shining example of an officer and a gentleman.


They argue that:

  1. Going by the Consolidated Armed Forces Salary Structure, a two-star General (Rear Admiral, Major General and Air Vice Marshall) earns N16,516,124 annually.

And the take home pay before tax is N1,376,343.66 monthly.

That’s a handsome salary enough to take care of his financial needs.

What’s more, he has a guaranteed pension when he retires. And he enjoyed a beautiful health scheme.

So, what insurmountable financial challenges was he experiencing?


  1. He’s on top of his game as a Rear Admiral. Just two steps away from Admiral.

He’s had an illustrious career, and was the Fleet Commander, Western Naval Command in Apapa.

He was a member of the Presidential committee on arms deal probe.


  1. He lived in a duplex in the barracks in Apapa.

His wife is in Abuja and his children are in school abroad.


On these accounts, many are confused about the suicide story…

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