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‘Reason I titled my latest song Sugar Sugar’ – KSB

Singer Kenny St. Brown has just released a single, Sugar Sugar which is enjoying massive air-play on major radio stations right now. The talented singer told ENCOMIUM Weekly about the song, her other plans in the offing and more.


It has been a while we heard from you, what has KSB been up to?

I have been working. I released a music video sometime back entitled, Ire. I have just released a new single for Easter as well, it is entitled, Sugar Sugar. I featured MI in it. It is a love song to God. I am celebrating God’s love. I am also working with the Ministry of Women Affairs as a volunteer. Apart from that, I also formed a group of women. We are called Women in Entertainment. I am still working.

What is the purpose of the group, Women in Entertainment?

We want to be the voice of women in all spheres of life. We don’t really have an association like that. It is important we have one.

How do you hope to achieve your goals?

I will not talk about that now. When we are ready to talk, you will hear from us. The group consists of myself, Wunmi Obe, Yinka Davies and some comediennes. We are still coming together. We are not fully into operation yet. Meanwhile, we have started working as volunteers in some ministries.

Kenny-Saint-Brown-581x330What inspired Sugar Sugar?

It is about the love of God, the sweetness of the love of God. It is about the calvary love as the sweetest love ever demonstrated. It is a love between divinity and humanity. It comes with a lot of packages, deliverance, healing and forgiveness.

I am celebrating God because I am a recipient of that love. So also is MI. he gave testimony of God’s love and his achievement. He wouldn’t have been able to achieve that without God. It is all about celebrating success through the love of God.

Why did you choose MI, it could have been another person?

Why not. He is a producer. He produced the song. He is also a rapper. I have worked with so many others. For your information, the song is not just newly recorded, it was recorded a while ago. We are just releasing it now.

Why did it take so long to release it?

For gospel, any song should be an entity on its own. You don’t rush it like you rush secular songs. Every song is a personality. If you push songs out in a hurry, you will shorten the life span of that song.

Every song is like a child, you nurture it, create space for it to grow and mature, so that people get to know it. When I wasn’t ready to push that song, that is why I kept it. I often tell MI that we should do a remix of the song but his response has always been no.

He used to say, it was the best collaboration he has ever done. It is a classic and because we want it to be accepted by all.

Also, I went into politics and it took all of my time. I couldn’t do anything than to face politics, that took me over a year and a half. It also added to the reason it took a while before the song was released.

How is the reception since it was released?

It is almost unbelievable. Before we released it, Djs had released it online. It was already downloading. Radio djs have been asking me why I have not released the video, which tells you there is a crave for the song. They love it. If radio loves a song, forget it and go and sleep. They are the ones to play it. The song has developed an endless love by so many music lovers before we eventually released it. It is already on air play.

When should we expect the video?

It should be out before summer next year, before June or July.

What about an album, are you releasing one this year?

I am supposed to be releasing an album this year or the coalition of the best of KSB. So many things are happening now. I am already doing more songs. I will do one with Korede Bello. I may release one new single or two before dropping an album.

How is preparation for Kennis Music Easter Fiesta?

The release of Sugar Sugar is part of my preparation. I want people to have a new vibe from KSB. I don’t want the old style, just jumping on the stage but a melodious song people can sing along to, not necessarily jumping up and down. The song is a calvary song. I am sure I am very ready for our music festival.

Sometime back, you said you were into food business, how is it faring?

The food business will come up strong between now and June. I am doing it online. Nigerians are now buying food online. We will also supply to shops, as I speak right now, I am on my way to Shoprite to do a final arrangement.

Apart from that, before summer, I will really be busy, getting my hands into new business. I am opening a rice shop, all manners of rice. I am very passionate about food business, I love cooking. I am a passionate cook. I wouldn’t say more than that before someone steals the idea.

How are you coping with raising the children?

I am coping well. They are in a nice school and they are doing well. They are good.

Will you say KSB is in a relationship now?

I am not talking about relationship. It doesn’t bring money. I am talking about business.



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