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Reasons young people are avoiding marriage

Marriage is a beautiful thing, though, it comes with its challenges. That is why it seems young people are shying away from that sacred institution. This week, ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinions of young ladies and men if they are shying away from marriage.

‘It is every woman’s dream to become somebody’s wife one day’ – MERCY ANIKWE

No, I am not avoiding settling down. It is every woman’s dream to become somebody’s wife one day.

I have not found the right man now. More so, eligible bachelors are not ready to marry not to talk of getting into a serious relationship and I can’t date a woman like me.

He must be God fearing, true to his words, he must be caring and must have a positive mindset.


‘Because of disappointment, I’m afraid to fall in love again’ – DAYO ATARASE

I wouldn’t say I am avoiding settling down, I would have settled down four years ago but was suddenly disappointed by the lady I was dating. Like I said, I was disappointed by a lady.

May be I did not take time to pray very well. The issue really affected me both physically and spiritually. And I developed phobia for ladies.

She must be God fearing. A good woman, hard working. I guess that is it.


‘I am not economically strong enough for now’ – DANIEL FAYEMI

I am not avoiding settling down. Why would I avoid settling down when there is nothing I desire more than that.

I do not feel I am economically strong enough to support a family at the moment. I do not want to settle down and be struggling. She must be beautiful, committed and supportive.


‘I am not ready because I am not yet gainfully employed’ – TAIYE OLAOYE

I am not avoiding getting married. Sooner or later, I will still get married, so the issue of avoiding marriage is not there. I am not ready because I am not yet gainfully employed. How will I feed an extra month when I can hardly feed myself.

She must be God fearing, average height, beautiful in and out. A good person generally.


‘Avoiding marriage is not the right word now’ – CAROLINE OYEFAYE

People have different perspectives towards life. Avoiding marriage is not the right word now. I’m not thinking about marriage at all now.

It is not what I need right now. Yes, time is going, but I need to put some things in place before getting married.

I am an adventurous person. I am tall, so he must be tall as well. Any other good quality every lady wants will do. I am just particular about the height.


‘I am not stable financially for now’ – AJOKE ONITOLO

I am not avoiding getting married. Financially, I am not stable. I don’t want to be waiting for my husband for everything. More so, marriage is not in my agenda now, look at the economic situation of the country, one needs to think twice before taking a leap. I will also say that marriage is not for everyone, it is not everybody that would get married. Some are in it and are not happy about it. The most important thing is to find my happiness.


‘I am avoiding marriage because I am not yet employed’ – EMMANUEL ADEBISI

I wouldn’t say I am avoiding marriage. In fact, my in-laws are already saying we should settle down.

I am not yet employed. If I get to my in laws house, they would ask their daughter, where does he work? That is more important than going into marriage. I can’t go there and be punishing an innocent girl. I am just hustling for now.  My prayer is that God would make a way for me this year. That is when I can settle down.

God fearing, beautiful, hard working.


‘I need to get something doing before marriage’ – FUNMIBI JOSHUA

I don’t think any lady would intentionally avoid marriage. May be the abused can but they would also get healed.

I need to get something doing. Yes, I am a graduate, but I don’t have a job. I am taking classes in event management now. I need to have something I will use to support the man I am going to marry. When that is in place, I can then get married.

God fearing, gainfully employed, good looking.


‘I am still hustling for now’ – KEHINDE OLAOYE

No, I am not avoiding marriage. I am still in my father’s house. The Bible says, “A man will leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife”. I have nowhere else to stay if I leave that place. No job, I just hustle around so I can feed myself and assist my mom a little.

She must have a job, good looking, God fearing.


‘I don’t have what it takes to put a woman at home’ – ABAYOMI ADAMS

May be yes and may be no. I am not yet ready. I don’t have what it takes to put a woman at home. People around me are all married. I had to leave a girl because of that. I need to plan and be ready before I move ahead. It is easier said than done. The whole thing will bounce back on me when the ceremony is over. I will clothe, feed her, pay rent and other expenses. Let me just have a source where the money will be coming from. I was doing business until dollar went way high. I had to abandon that and started looking for something else to do. Thank God I wasn’t married, if not, how would we have coped?


 ‘I am taking time to prepare myself for marriage’ – APE TAIWO

No. I’m not avoiding settling down. I have not settled down because I am taking time to prepare myself for marriage.

My ideal woman should be intelligent, elegant supportive who is God fearing and homely. When I say a supportive lady, I mean, I need a woman who will be part of my struggle, survive it and succeed together.


‘I have not just found the right man’ – JOYCE AMADI

I am not avoiding settling down because I wish to do that some day. As for me, I have not just found the right man, it is difficult these days to differentiate a play boy and a real man because of what the society has turned into.

He must be handsome, tall, God fearing and know how to treat a woman right.


‘I am too ripe for marriage right now but…’ – BAMIDELE RUTH

I am not avoiding it at all, in short, I am too ripe for marriage right now. I have not found the right man yet and I don’t want to settle for less because here in Nigeria, once you are married, you can’t walk out of it otherwise they will make jest of the person forever.

He should be God fearing, loving, and of a positive mind.


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