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Recession hardship escalates: ‘We are living from hand to mouth’ – Artisans lament

As the recession continues to kick, it has left many Nigerians in a state of depression and frustration. Artisans complain they are not earning like they used to as they can no longer afford to cater for their family.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the opinion of artisans on the effect of recession in their business. In the chat, they revealed how recession has taken its toll on their business and their challenges…



The situation is everywhere, my brother. Times are hard, things are no longer the way they used to be. A lot of my customers have abandoned their cars here in my workshop just because of the situation of the country. They are complaining that they are not earning like they used to.

So, they don’t have enough money to fix their vehicles. The issue has really affected me just because this is what I do to survive daily. All I see daily is people coming here to dump their vehicles, money isn’t coming in. I just hope things get better as soon as possible.



They say life is full of good and ugly experiences, I think we are experiencing the ugly part of life in Nigeria today. I’m not getting jobs like before. In fact, the job I get today comes with very little amount. I don’t even hire labourers anymore because I can’t afford to pay them from most of the jobs that I’m getting.

Things have really turned around, only God can revive the situation. Nigerians just need to be prayerful.


MOSES OVIE (Interior decorator)

I think we have made the wrong decision in this country in the last general election. The change agenda has really changed the look of things. Look around and you will realize people are complaining, a lot of people are now jobless, homeless, and hunger is now the friend of Nigerians.

We are the ones who voted for change, now the change has taken its toll in our business. We are no longer making profit. Most of the contract I get these days, I hardly make profit. We need to face reality in this country and let’s be wise enough in the next general election.


COLLINS (Fashion designer)

The country is suffering a lot. Aside recession; we have subjected ourselves into the hands of our politicians. The country is in recession but politicians are living fine. They are enjoying the best of life. The country is in recession yet they keep padding and stealing our money.

The problem is we need to be wise enough because we can’t continue to live like this. Let me use myself as an example, I’m really suffering, I don’t get jobs like I used to. People are not sewing clothes. We are all complaining of the situation of the country. The only way out of this is to start fighting corruption from the top. Let our politicians reduce their salaries and let the less privileged have food on their table.



The situation of the country is friendly to those who are earning big not someone like me. Although people are still coming to fix their tyres,  they don’t pay me like before for my service. Nowadays, I hardly make a thousand naira in a day. Things have really changed. I’m tired of this country, I wish I can relocate to a better country that will pay me good for my service.

May God help and deliver Nigeria.



I don’t want to talk about this. The situation of the country is not friendly to anyone but I can’t keep complaining even though it has really affected my job. We need prayer in this country and not complain. I have been praying for things to get better so I can provide three square meals for my family daily.


FESTUS CALEB (Electrician)

Ever since I have set up my own workshop, I have never experienced this kind of a hard time. My kids are home, no money to pay their school fees, my landlord is also there, I’m yet to pay the house rent. Tell me which hardship is more than this.

I’m depressed because I have nobody to run to. I am tired of the whole thing. Our government needs to act fast and pump more money in the economy.



From the look of things, I don’t think our government has any plan for less privileged Nigerians. We are living like second class citizens of the country. My business is really down, I have to start other petty jobs to get food. In my shoe making business, I used to make over N3,000 daily but now I hardly get N500.  I’m tired of living my life this way. We need the real change.

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