Recession is not abating, Nigerians groan


Godwin Emefiele, governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, had stated that he was confident Nigeria would be out of recession in September, a few months back. And few months down the lane, Nigerians are not sure things are getting better.

Here are responses from an opinion poll conducted by about recession…


Kevin Adams

Yes, we are. Prices of commodities are still not within the reach of the poor. Despite the fact that dollar crashed a bit, we cannot use one index to determine the state of things. The statement by Godwin Emefiele that recession would disappear in the third quarter is a fallacy. He is talking from his comfort zone, he is not considering the masses on the street.

Recession is affecting me in a lot of ways you can think of. My inability  to eat three square meals a day, my inability  to pay my children’s school fees and our house rent are all signs that recession is affecting me.


Kunle Oluwafemi

We are, times are hard. Nothing has come down. Dollar is coming down but it is not reflecting. Why is fuel still N145, why is food still expensive? The fall in dollar is just good for those travelling.

Recession is affecting me in many ways. You don’t have money not to talk of purchasing power. When money comes, we are not getting value for it. Transportation alone can kill, the amount you spend in the morning is different from how much you would spend in the evening.


Blessings Edet

We are very much in a recession. I have not seen people complain this much in my life. A lot of people are not finding things easy at all.

We used to buy a bag of rice in my house before, now it is just half a bag we can afford. My aunt has withdrawn a lot of luxuries, we are just trying to get by.


Sam Olaoye

Nigeria is still in a recession. I know a lot of people who have lost their jobs and had to relocate from Lagos. I am also thinking in that direction as well. Things are really expensive, I can’t afford a lot of necessities again at home. To give my wife money for monthly house upkeep has been a challenge since the beginning of the year.

Recession is affecting the rich as well. Prices of items have skyrocketed. There is no increment in my salary, it was even reduced in other to avoid downsizing.


Zion Omaha

With the current state of things, we don’t need a seer to tell us Nigeria is going through tough times. I have not seen this kind of hardship in my life. We can’t afford to stock the house with food, we can’t afford to pay my children’s school fees at once, we are paying in installments. It is terrible. I don’t just go out anyhow. If I don’t have anything profitable doing outside our home, I stay put at home and play with the children.

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