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Recession: Nigerians can no longer afford 3-square meals

In Nigeria today, many household no longer eat three square meals a-day. Arising from inflation to other economic challenges, many are being forced to eat what they have and not what they really want. Eating three solid square meals daily in Nigeria today cost a lot of money. Even those earning reasonable amount as salary lament bitterly over the hardship being faced in the country, especially the skyrocketing cost of food and other commodities.

In ENCOMIUM Weekly’s findings, what Nigerians eat depends on their budget due to the outrageous increase in the prices of food items and other commodities. Many revealed that they hardly eat once or twice daily since the country is faced with economic challenges.


‘There’s nothing like breakfast’ – GBENGA FAWOLE

I eat anytime I see food. Sometimes, I eat once daily. Other times, I can eat up to three times daily but it’s not common lately. There’s nothing like breakfast. It’s more like break slow. I don’t know the name to call the first meal you are having for the day at 3pm.

The country is hard, I must tell you. I dare not cook at home because it’s way expensive to buying food. A thousand naira today can’t cook a good meal, but concoction rice. The country is really messed up. People are actually hungry. We can’t afford to eat what we want anymore.


‘Nigeria’s situation, gives no room for food wastage’ – LEKE ADEDAYO

I hardly eat three times a-day because I’m a family man. My kids can eat more than 5 times a day when I have the ability but things are really hard this time. I have started farming at the back of my house so I can have something to eat in the future. Nigeria’s situation today gives no room for food wastage. I now make sure my kids finish whatever they cook without wasting any. It’s not my fault. it’s just the situation at hand.


‘God bless this country and restore the poor masses hope’ – CURTIS CALEB

I eat anytime I’m hungry, so I don’t usually count. My appetite for good food knows no bound but it gulps more of my income these days. I like to eat all sorts of varieties of food but I realize I spend really more on the foods I have been enjoying cheaply in the past. God bless this country and restore the poor masses’ hope.


‘The most important thing is to eat something, whether square or triangle’ – SAMUEL UGBONNA

My brother, you are talking about three square meal in this time of recession. The most important thing is to eat something, whether square or triangle. I don’t normally count the number of times I eat lately but I have got to realize that I eat bread with water more because it’s cheaper to afford. What I normally do is this. I buy the N300 loaf of bread every morning and that will be my food for the day. I will eat some for breakfast and keep the rest for lunch and dinner.


‘My system of eating daily is 101 meaning breakfast and dinner’ – SEYI ADEWALE

Before the recession, my system of eating daily is 101 meaning breakfast and dinner. I don’t eat lunch. Now that change has bestowed us in the country, I have learned to manage the little I have. I normally cook every weekend, every pot of soup made must last for the week. Although I still eat twice daily, it’s not the way I eat in the past.


‘I eat three times daily’ – SARAH FALOMO

I eat three times daily and I eat healthy. No matter the amount I have budgeted for food, I make sure I eat what I really want.


‘It’s a national problem, we need to pray more for the country’ – ALIYAH NASIR

Eating healthy in Nigeria today is a lot, it has become a national problem. I can’t seem to understand why the masses are lacking food in this country. Go to the North, a lot of people don’t even have what to eat for the day not to even think of three square meals. We need to pray more for the country.


‘My feeding depends on how much I make daily’ – CHISOM HENRY

eatingYou can only talk about eating three square meals when there’s food to eat. I eat a lot these days because I’m no longer having food like I used to. So, anytime I want to eat, I eat a lot of food because I don’t know when another will come my way. I’m not a government worker. I’m an artisan. So, my feeding depends on how much I make daily. And since my work has suffered all sorts of challenges, it has affected my feeding as well.


‘I don’t even count the number of times’ – FAVOUR UWADIALE

Forget about three square meals. I eat a lot of food that I don’t even count the number of times that I eat in a day. When I have the money, I eat what I want, and when I don’t have enough, I will manage.


‘I eat any available food’ – SUNDAY OLUWAFEMI

I eat when food is available. I usually tell my wife not to bother about me whenever she is cooking for the children in the morning. I may not eat anything till 12 or 1pm or even wait till the evening. Most evenings, I drink garri, then eat dinner.

I don’t think it is sensible to eat three times a day now. I had to start walking from home when paying to my office became a burden. Business wasn’t moving as it should. I have not paid my children’s school fees, other bills are piling up too. One needs to be wise about it. I eat once a day, sometimes twice. I can’t remember the last time I ate three times a day.


‘I eat three times a day if it is free food’ – FUNKE TOYE

I eat three times a day if it is free food, but to buy food with my money, no. I do without food when I am outside the house. I drink water or pretend to be fasting.

At times, I might take four spoons from the food I cooked for my children, buy biscuits at work and wait till it is time for dinner. Most times, I would have calculated the money I have on me. Once it can take me to and fro from work, I forget about the rest. Sometimes, I take food to work from home but I often eat one main meal in a day. That is dinner.


‘I didn’t eat three times a day before recession started…’ – FADE FANIYI

I didn’t eat three times a day before recession started. Now that there is recession, I can’t even eat three times a day. Even my children have reduced the number of times they eat. I take brunch, then fruits much later and I eat in the night.

At times, I don’t even eat at night. Once I don’t like what they prepared at home, I just head straight to bed and forget food.


‘I don’t eat three times daily – SOJI AKANNI

I don’t eat three times daily. We fasted throughout January in my church, so it was what I used to break my fast and then night food. Now that fasting is over, my system is used to doing without food. I just take snacks at work and eat when I get home. Unless I got a deal and I have a lot of money on me.


‘I have not eaten good food since recession’ – ELIZABETH ABIMBOLA

I don’t eat much since recession started. I can go throughout the day without food. Except once in a while I can buy soft drink or take snacks. I eat once a day but whenever I eat, I make sure I satisfy myself.


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