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Recession – Nigerians trek more as money ceases to flow

The number of Lagosians who trek on the streets nowadays have suddenly increased just because of the economic crisis being faced by the country since 2016. The hike in price of fuel coupled with the reality that there’s lack of money flowing among the masses, have led many to trekking to save cost since they can’t afford to pay for public buses and cabs.

In this chat with some Lagosians, many revealed to why they seek solace in trekking since the economic crunch, and what they want to government to do to curb the hardship.


Jide Olaleye

To survive on a low budget in this country today, especially Lagos, one must trek if you really want to have savings. I board public buses in the morning most of the time because l wouldn’t want to get late to work. Coming back home from work is when l normally trek because l don’t earn much. My salary is N20,000 and I can’t keep boarding N100 bus morning and evening out of the little I’m earning.
Favour Ugbonna

I still trek very well, especially when I don’t have money. When the government and transport workers can’t help, I have to resort to getting to my destination by trekking. I work in Agege while I reside at Ikeja. BRT used to be the only option l had  but it has also increased and l can no longer afford the price. I just hope that the new buses Lagos State government is planning to replace Danfo will be affordable for all.


Fatimoh Ishola

I don’t like trekking really but once in a while when l get stranded without having a dime to board bus, l have to trek. I think I’m getting used to it lately. I normally trek from Ogba where l work to Obawole daily whenever I don’t have money.



Trekking is allowed in Lagos state either you have money for public bus or not. Many times l normally trek not because l don’t have money but lack of public bus to pick passengers. You will see a lot of people stranded at the bus stops without a bus to drive them to their various destinations.

Sometimes, we normally wait at the bus stop for more than 2 hours without seeing a bus to pick passengers up. So this is why I have resorted to trekking more lately.


Shola Olawole

My leg is my Mercedes Benz. I trek more just because it cost more to board transport buses these days. I normally trek whenever I’m travelling far from home. I don’t just trek, l calculate my time too because i wouldn’t want to get late to where I’m going just because i trekked.


Fathia Oloyede

I don’t really trek unless l want to jog around my street. Why should I trek when I can afford public transport or BRT? And when l can’t, l will stay home.



I trek when I’m broke or out of cash. Money is scarce and travelling around daily requires a lot. I’m hoping the new buses the government is bringing will be cheaper but with the hike in BRT fare, l doubt if the masses will be able to afford the new buses.




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